Analytical Platform Standalone

Although the Kognitio Analytical Platform is able to run as a fully integrated Hadoop application, it can also be installed on a standalone compute cluster with a minimal requirement for additional software.

A Kognitio Standalone compute cluster can be constructed from widely available industry standard commodity servers. A cluster can be a small as one server or contain hundreds of servers and the Kognitio software will automatically configure itself to efficiently utilise the available infrastructure. For optimal performance the servers would be interconnected with a high performance network and as Kognitio is an in-memory solution, they would normally have plenty of memory and processor cores. In fact, Kognitio’s shared nothing MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) architecture, means that generally the more cores there are per unit of memory, the faster the platform will perform.

The only other software (besides the Kognitio software) needed to build a Kognitio Standalone platform is a Linux Operating System installed on each node of the cluster, everything else is handled by Kognitio.

Kognitio Standalone also has the ability to create its own resilient, fault tolerant and scalable disk subsystem from the locally attached disk on each node.