The Kognitio Analytical Platform

Kognitio Analytical Platform Explained

The Kognitio Analytical Platform is a software technology that sits seamlessly between where your data is stored and the BI, analytics and visualisation applications. Kognitio provides massive query acceleration and high concurrency by pulling the data of interest into high speed memory so that high efficiency, massively parallel processing algorithms can be applied to each and every operation. The Kognitio Platform has very rich and mature SQL support as well as an extremely flexible and powerful NOSQL capability.

The software is optimized for high-throughput analytical workloads. The platform particularly excels at delivering ultra-fast, high-concurrency SQL for both Hadoop and existing data warehouse implementations, allowing shorter response times for more users and more queries. The software can run on an existing Hadoop cluster under YARN Kognitio-on-Hadoop or standalone on its own dedicated compute cluster.

Kognitio Analytical Platform Architecture

kognitio analytical platform architecture

Kognitio Standalone

hadoop architecture, Kognitio

Kognitio on Hadoop

The Kognitio Analytical Platform is an in-memory, shared nothing, massively parallel platform for large scale (big data) analytics. It allows enormously powerful data analysis platforms to be to be built from scalable, commodity industry standard servers. It does this by easily and efficiently harnessing very large amounts of cost effective CPU power.

Kognitio sits between where the data is stored (“the persistence layer”) and the end user tools, reports and applications (“the consumption layer”). Kognitio allows users to easily pull very large amounts of data from existing persistence systems into high-speed computer memory, apply massive amounts of processing power to it, and thereby allow complex analytical questions to be answered interactively, regardless of how big the data is. The persistence layer can be existing traditional disk-based data warehouse products, operational systems, Kognitio’s optional internal disk subsystem or, increasingly, distributed parallel file systems such as Hadoop.

The principals of MPP Scale-out and in-memory are now a pre-requisite for fast, scalable big data analytics. However, the implementations of these principals vary widely, and this causes a large variation in the performance, flexibility and maturity of the available offerings. Because Kognitio has been developing scale-out, in-memory platforms for over 20 years the Kognitio Platform is highly efficient, extremely flexible and fully enterprise ready.

Kognitio treats every available CPU cycle as a precious commodity, because when the performance of an analytical platform is no longer disk IO bound, it becomes CPU bound. Kognitio technology also allows the available CPU power to be automatically deployed in the most effective way for the data and analytics being performed. Whether that be deploying all available CPU power to answer a single complex query over a very large data-set or splitting the power to answer thousands of queries per second, at high concurrency, on a smaller sub-set of the data.

The key reasons behind Kognitio’s very high performance are:

    • Disk IO bottlenecks are eliminated by holding the data in very fast high-speed computer memory (RAM). This allows large amounts of processing power to be simultaneously applied to the data.
    • Data is held in structures that are optimized for in-memory analysis; it is not a transient copy of disk-based data like a traditional cache.
    • Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) allows platforms to be scaled-out across large cluster of low-cost industry standard servers from 1 to 1000+ servers.
    • True query parallelization allows queries on very large data-sets to use every processor core, on every processor (CPU), on every server equally.
    • Granular queries that access smaller sub-sets of data can be automatically isolated to a sub-set of CPU cores allowing hundreds of these queries to be satisfied simultaneously with zero computational contention.

Processor efficiency is very high. Kognitio uses development languages and sophisticated techniques to ensure every CPU cycle is utilized effectively.

To the outside world, the Kognitio Analytical Platform looks like a traditional Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) in the same way that Oracle™, IBM DB2™ and Microsoft SQL Server™ are databases. However, unlike these databases, Kognitio has been architected specifically for an analytical query workload as opposed to the more traditional on-line transaction processing (OLTP) workload. Kognitio supports many open standards for connectivity to front-end applications and visualization tools, thus allowing users to continue using their tool of choice, whether that be an SQL-generating relational tool or an MDX-generating OLAP tool.

Along with ultra-fast query performance Kognitio also provides a very flexible NoSQL (“not-only-SQL”) capability that allows companies to fully parallelize almost any algorithms, whether it be a proprietary, open source, or commercially available algorithm, regardless of language. This makes Kognitio a very powerful data science “sandbox” environment as well as a scalable production platform.


A low-cost investment that provides:

    • Quick Implementation – easy to install, easy to use, fast time to value
    • Flexible deployment – runs standalone on industry standard hardware and under YARN on Hadoop
    • Low Total Cost of Ownership – free-to-use on Hadoop; utilise existing Hadoop cluster; minimal administration; industry standards
    • Exceptional Performance – highest possible query throughput for SQL and NOSQL
    • Massive Scalability – true in-memory analytics for Big Data

Make your users your biggest fans with Kognitio’s …

  • Responsiveness – existing and preferred tools respond better, especially on Hadoop.
  • Ease of use – low fuss, fast, rich SQL implementation, minimal administration
  • Low latency – more dynamic, current data
  • Flexibility – unconstrained access and more data sources

Increase your analysts’ & data scientists’ productivity with Kognitio’s …

  • Tight Hadoop Integration – Kognitio delivers high throughput connectors for Hadoop based data
  • Open NOSQL language support – massively parallel execution of scripts and binaries in any language
  • Massively Parallel R – Easily run R algorithms against large data sets.
  • Experienced Data Science team – We have some of the best minds in Scalable Advanced Analytics.

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