Why multi-node on Kognitio Cloud will get a huge lift with Amazon Web Services


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So far it has been great fun building multi-node Kognitio environments on Amazon Web Services (AWS), but it has not been without its issues.  The key one being the large number of nodes required to bring together a RAM footprint that is capable of supporting complex analytics on billion row plus data volumes.

This is because the Cluster Compute instances that Amazon supports have been limited to a maximum of 60GB of RAM per node and so a terabyte of RAM will require 17 of them.  From a Kognitio perspective, this is fine, our technology cares not about the number of nodes.  From a financial perspective, your wallet may feel the pinch after a few hours of processing, especially if … Read more

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Time for the traditional database to move over?


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Now, I’ve just read the website from a company called Splunk. They were on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme recently talking about big data – a subject close to my heart. So, I thought I would look at this interesting analytical company and find out more. Well blow me down sideways if I only went and found this on their website:

Traditional technologies, built on relational or multi-dimensional databases, cannot handle the complexity or scale of today’s massive volumes of machine data. Nor do they allow the flexibility to ask any question or get questions answered in real time–which now is an expectation of users.
Eureka, I thought, someone who understands. They have clearly been burnt

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V-C Blog: Keeping the Bankers Happy with Business Analytics


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If I were a Venture Capital funded organisation with a foothold in my market, I know what I would want. I would want to keep my funders happy. I would want to be able to strip down the goals they set in to simple understandable parts and set to work on them.  After all, entrepreneurs and their funders aren’t dumb, so it’s worth pursuing their instincts. There is a certain raw insight that makes up the substance of this sector. Following it may well lead on to fortune. I’m impressed anyway.

However, what is the substance of insight?  The knowledge behind it of course, and this is where we find venture backed entrepreneurs appetite for data fascinating.  Here at … Read more

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