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For more than a generation Kognitio has been a pioneer in the development of scale-out, in-memory software for big data analytics. Today the Kognitio software provides an ultra-fast, high concurrency SQL layer that allows modern data visualization tools to maintain interactive performance, even when the data volume is large and the user count is high. Kognitio is fully integrated with YARN and can run on existing Hadoop clusters or, for non-Hadoop data sources, can be installed on a standalone hardware infrastructure. The software also supports sophisticated NoSQL capabilities enabling scale-out advanced analytics alongside the ultra-fast, fully functional SQL. Kognitio’s Analytics and Consultancy team provides our clients and partners with access to world class data science and big data analytics expertise.

More than a petabyte of Kognitio licenses are currently in operation around the globe, helping businesses analyze and extract intelligence from large and complex volumes of data at incredibly high speeds. We serve thousands of customers across many industries, including retail, media, financial services, telecommunications, on-line gaming, insurance, marketing services and hospitality.


Under its former name of White Cross, Kognitio was responsible for releasing the world’s first fully functional scaled-out, in-memory analytical platform. Since that initial 1992 release, Kognitio has been continually researching and developing scale-out, in-memory data analysis software. Over the years Kognitio has incorporated many features into the software, solving problems that the emergent scale-out, in-memory market are only now recognizing as important. Founded in 1988, Kognitio is the most mature and proven provider of in-memory analytical solutions, delivering high performance analytics to companies around the world.

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Our people are talented and experienced data artisans, technology analysts and business experts. Our team enjoys and excels at solving business challenges.

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