Rapid implementation of the Kognitio Analytical Platform is a sure bet for bet365

Leading online gambling group deploys a 10TB operational Kognitio Analytical Platform in just ten weeks from placement of order.

Kognitio was deployed and fully operational in less than three months from the time that bet365 ordered the software license. Delivering exceptional “speed to value,” bet365 has been able to move from the concept stage to full production and has already begun processing, querying and analyzing its data for competitive advantage.

Following an extensive and rigorous proof-of-concept project, bet365 deployed the Kognitio Analytical Platform on existing HP hardware that bet365 had available in its data centre; the firm did not need to acquire proprietary hardware to run the analytical database. Furthermore, Kognitio was chosen due to its commitment to support bet365 throughout the proof-of-concept, procurement and installation. Kognitio offered to undertake extra development and create extra functionality in the platform so that the software fully met bet365’s requirements. bet365 also had full access to Kognitio and its management and appreciated the responsive support that was offered to them.

“We decided we needed a powerful analytical engine to understand our business and we went out to the market to find a resilient database technology that would we could start using quickly,” said Martin Davies, CTO at bet365. “We were very impressed with the fast speeds at which Kognitio can be deployed. Once we had placed our order, we installed the software on pre-existing hardware in our data centre and with the help of Kognitio, we went online with our 10TB system within just ten weeks. We appreciate the responsive support that Kognitio and its implementation teams have given us; it’s reassuring to have a company ready and on-hand to make our installation a success. We look forward to using Kognitio to dive even deeper into our data and using the insight gained to improve our operations.”

bet365 chose the Kognitio Analytical Platform because it offers speed of deployment as well as high performance, resilience, flexibility and scalability, ensuring that there is no degradation in performance as bet365’s infrastructure grows. Kognitio allows bet365 to focus on getting the insight and results they need to drive their business forward rather than be distracted by managing the shortcomings of database technology in order to make it work.

“We are thrilled that bet365 has chosen to work with Kognitio and deploy its analytical platform,” said Roger Llewellyn, CEO and President at Kognitio. “As more organizations need to obtain insight from their data, they also require solutions that are robust, resilient and can be rapidly implemented. In an industry as fast moving as online gambling, it is vital for organizations to have a system in place that can keep up-to-speed with the rapid rate of change. While our analytical platform technology has always offered users the benefit of high-speed analytical querying, its rich feature set as well as resilient architecture allows users to deploy the solution within a matter of weeks as opposed to the months typically associated with data warehousing projects. Companies just don’t have the resources or the money to spend on installations that take months. Kognitio responds to that call.

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