Providing call pricing and analysis service to BT with the Kognitio Analytical Platform and Kognitio Cloud

For a whole decade, we have been able to rely on Kognitio and its technology to help us stay ahead of the game. We have true insight into our business and the effects that pricing changes would have on it. It's incredibly beneficial to the company to be able to analyse all the data as opposed to data samples and assumption-based analysis.
Arthur WinnHead of Pricing, BT

The Challenge

BT sought to perform iterative “what if?” modelling and analysis of their tariff plans in order to analyse costs, revenue and margins but does not have technology, time and resources to do this internally.

The Solution

By using Kognitio Cloud, pricing analysts at BT have access to a live analytical database, reports and a team of experienced consultants who understand the operator’s business.


This strategically outsourced approach using Kognitio Cloud allows BT to control its costs without constraining creativity.

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