M&S Money – Customer Intelligence

Kognitio implements and runs customer intelligence and marketing database for M&S Bank

“Kognitio was short-listed for their professionalism and strong track record in financial services.”  Martin Squires, Customer Intelligence & Analysis Manager at M&S Bank.

The Challenge

With over six million customers and plans for further expansion, M&S Bank recognised that it needed a state of the art approach to managing the demands of their growing customer base which would also allow the company to better understand its customers’ needs.

The company immediately began to evaluate the candidates and the eight original tenders were whittled down to a shortlist of two.

“Kognitio was short-listed for their professionalism and strong track record in financial services” Martin Squires, Customer Intelligence & Analysis Manager at M&S Bank.

The challenge for the two short-listed suppliers was to develop a pilot solution comprising all the major components required by M&S Bank, including campaign automation, data mining and decision support. Kognitio and the M&S Bank marketing team selected Unica Corporation’s Affinium Campaign, SAS’s Enterprise Miner data mining product and MicroStrategy to provide decision support.

“Although this was a proof of concept exercise, we had to be confident that the chosen solution would be able to cope with large volumes of data” Neil Hershaw, Business Change Project Manager at M&S Bank.

“We also needed to be sure that it would stand up to the stringent demands that the marketing team would make in terms of flexibility. So we set up some very tough campaign scenarios to really test them out”.

The task had to be completed in six weeks.

The Solution

Kognitio was able to :

  • conduct a thorough analysis of the data to ensure that it was clean, accurate and consistent
  • hold frequent consultation meetings with the M&S Bank team during this process
  • re-organize the data to make it more customer-centric

The Kognitio team :

  • integrated sophisticated segmentation capabilities facilitating cross-product views in the database. These views enable M&S Bank to understand current profitability and potential up-sell and cross-sell opportunities across its customer base. These views indicate the M&S Bank product offerings each of its customers have purchased
  • collated all of the historical information about customers that M&S Bank needed to hold, and built the database which contains over 875 million rows
  • configured the campaign automation, data mining and decision support tools into the database
  • carried out a rigorous testing procedure before delivering it to the M&S Bank offices in Chester, UK, on the appointed day

Martin Squires stated, “Despite the scale of the task and the extremely tight deadline, Kognitio delivered a high quality solution on time. Throughout the prototype they never failed to do what they said they would.”

M&S Bank began implementing Kognitio’s solution immediately. The first phase of the implementation, which involved the consolidation and automation of the prototype, resulted in full campaign management and analysis capability and is now complete. Further implementations continue to add more breadth in terms of data and incorporate additional M&S Bank source systems.