Scottish Power

Kognitio delivers for large utility provider, Scottish Power

One benefit of Kognitio is that we can ask oblique, train-of-thought questions without any pre-programming or the necessity to pre-select data. And we get the answers while we still remember why we asked the question!
Tony HarperDatabase and Research Manager, Scottish Power

The Challenge

How does a company aiming toward dominance as a multi-utility supplier achieve effective customer relationship marketing (CRM) from its massive customer base in order to drive products and services that bring the maximum value to its customers and are highly profitable for the company?

The Solution

Using Kognitio, ScottishPower is able to scan millions of rows of information in seconds and utilise the valuable information to create a wide variety of effective single and multi-utility packages.


Product managers can now put together a wide variety of single and multi-utility packages which represent both good value for prospective customers and profitable business for ScottishPower.

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