Tattershall Castle Group

Tattershall Castle Group (TCG) knows its business inside out

thanks to the Kognitio Analytical Platform

By doing such a simple correlation as matching sales data to staffing levels, we have already realised significant cost savings. The return on our investment is tremendous.
Robert George Finance Director

The Challenge

Leading UK pub company TCG wanted to look into their business data to validate the decision-making process in all of their houses. Furthermore, they wanted to use the data to gain detailed business insight which would drive their operational activity.

The Solution

Using the Kognitio Analytical Platform, TCG benefits from a real-time ad-hoc analytics capability to permit in-depth analysis. As such, TCG has access to a correlated view of their data that demonstrates key insight into their operations and allow them to drive out inefficiencies.


By correlating data across the business, TCG have realised immediate savings which have gone straight to the bottom line.

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