Market research firm Forrester has published a new report evaluating a selection of leading enterprise data warehouse (EDW) solutions, in which Kognitio has come in for praise.

Studies such as the latest Forrester Wave report could be an invaluable resource for companies that are looking to upgrade their data analytics. The firm looked at 11 vendors and rated them on factors including performance, scalability, availability and how they integrate with other services and applications such as Hadoop.

Understanding the complexities of the EDW market will be increasingly important for companies in the near future, as Forrester noted the next-generation of the solutions are more capable than ever, with a focus on in-memory, cloud computing and real-time analytics to help firms get the most out of their ever-growing data assets.

Forrester said: "EDW enables organizations to deliver actionable, timely, and trustworthy intelligence to a broader range of business users and operational systems … Most organizations that have a data warehouse are either enhancing it or considering new business initiatives that require faster processing and larger storage requirements."

In its analysis of key vendors in the area, Forrester described Kognitio as a "strong performer" with an offering that will be highly useful to a wide range of firms. The key for many buyers when considering the Kognitio Analytical Platform is that it has been designed from the beginning as an in-memory solution.

This technology is rapidly becoming a normal option for organizations seeking an EDW solution and the fact Kognitio has such a strong focus and track record in this area can give customers great peace of mind they are getting an industry-leading package.

Forester explained that in-memory will become a vital tool due to its ability to improve the speed of access to data held in memory by orders of magnitude compared with information stored on disk. This technology is now becoming a more viable option for firms as memory is no longer a prohibitively expensive alternative to disk storage space.

Kognitio was particularly praised for its clear vision, being awarded the maximum five out of five in the product roadmap category, as well as four out of five for its assessment of strategy.

Forrester said: "Kognitio's entirely in-memory, distributed EDW is appealing for customers looking for fast performance on commodity hardware." It added the ability to scale up by exploiting RAM, processor and disk upgrades on each server, as well as adding additional servers, gives users greater flexibility when they need to cope with growing data volumes.

Steve Millard, president and CEO of Kognito, commented: "We are honored by what we feel is Forrester Research's recognition of the strides we have made in this market."

He added that as more companies become aware of what they can achieve with faster access to the latest analytical technology, Kognitio has been working hard to strengthen its position by offering innovations that meet the needs of these businesses.

"True in-memory gives us an advantage in helping our clients worldwide and is at the heart of our growth. We continue that momentum and expect it to deliver even greater results in the months ahead," he continued.