Kognitio Support Options

Support options with Kognitio’s Free To Use product on Hadoop

Kognitio have a Free To Use product (henceforth referred to as FTU) on Hadoop.

The principles behind this are:

  • There are no functionality or capacity limitations with the FTU product compared to other versions of the product. This ensures that users are not restricted in any way when using the product on Hadoop.
  • Users can only use FTU if they no other agreements in place to use Kognitio software.
  • Pricing is by TB of memory used by Kognitio software, with a minimum size specified for each support option. This means that the software can be deployed on large Hadoop clusters to use a small percentage of the overall resource, without needing an excessive per-node support agreement.
  • Support agreements are required for all production systems.
  • Support keys will be issued for supported systems, and must be quoted in all support requests.
  • Support can be purchased for dev/test systems, but is not mandatory.

Support levels

There are a number of different support levels available. As you move up through the support levels, you always get additional support on top of what you had at the previous level.

The levels, in ascending order, are:


Community support is via the Kognitio support forum at http://kognitio.com/forums.

This support is free-to-use, but there is no guaranteed response.

It is a public forum, so nothing confidential or commercially sensitive should be posted.


Web support gives access to the customer support portal.

This allows users to create support cases for Kognitio support staff at any time.

The portal also gives access to a set of solutions, which can help resolve common problems. In particular there are troubleshooting solutions which take you through decision trees to determine the cause of things like performance issues.

With basic web support there is no guaranteed response time.

Patches to a non-current release (i.e. long-term support versions) are also available to customers with this level of support in place. These can only be used on systems with a support contract currently in place. So if a user buys a 3 month support contract, they can use the software for 3 months, then their licence will expire. At this point they can either pay for another support contract for the system, or revert to the current release (so at this stage they are not on a long-term support version).

Note this means that if a user wants to use a long-term support version on a production system, and they want to keep a test/dev system on the same version, they will need to purchase support for that test/dev system.

Web premium

The Web premium support gives a guaranteed response time for support cases. A member of Kognitio’s support staff will respond to the case within 1 UK working day of the case being raised.


Phone support also allows users to call Kognitio support and speak to a member of support staff during normal UK working hours.

Phone premium

Phone premium support allows priority 1 problems (i.e. the Kognitio software is completely unusable, equivalent to a system down event) to be raised by phone 24×7.

Problems of lesser severity will still be handled within normal UK working hours.

Minimum terms and capacity

Support level Minimum Term Minimum capacity
Web 3 months 1 TB
Web Premium 3 months 1 TB
Phone 1 year 1 TB
Phone Premium 1 year 1 TB


Community Web Web Premium Phone Phone premium
Forum Access
Long Term Support Versions
Support Portal Access
Phone Access
24 x 7 Support
Response Period 8×5 (UK) 8×5 (UK) 24×7 for P1, else 8×5 (UK)
Response Time 1 day 1 hour* 1 hour*
Minimum Term 3 months 3 months 1 year 1 year
Minimum Size 1 TB 1 TB 1 TB 1 TB

* indicates response time within the supported time period – calls outside this period are treated as made at the start of the next supported time period.