Hadoop Data Access Integration

Kognitio is an in-memory analytical platform that delivers simple to use but sophisticated integration with Hadoop for high-throughput acquisition of data. Map tables to collections of files within Hadoop and then, with zeo-install on the hadoop cluster, dynamically execute unfiltered fetches or map-reduce filtered fetches of data into RAM. No coding required, no knowledge of Hadoop required, just connect, discover, map and access your big data store.  Make Big Data readily consumable for complex low-latency analytics, let your existing investment in analytical and BI software tools reap the benefits and give users what they want – performance!

  • Complement existing BI and data investments with a platform for advanced analytics
  • Scalable in-Memory Analytics tightly integrated with Hadoop – SQL and Not-only-SQL processing
  • Allows your Data Science Lab to easily tap into your growing data lake
  • MPP data transfers between Hadoop cluster and Kognitio – process a flood not a trickle
  • Machine code filtering within Hadoop – considerably more efficient than Java, less impact on Hadoop

Kognitio’s tight integration with Hadoop

HDFS Connector

  • Connector defines access to HDFS file system
  • User defined external table accesses JSON or row-based data in HDFS
  • Map to a file, sets of files, directories or directory hierarchies
  • Unfiltered, raw fast access, no map-reduce overheads
  • Dynamic access or pull data into memory and pin for repeated use

Filter Agent Connector

  • Connector defines access to HDFS file system and task tracker
  • Map to a file, sets of files, directories or directory hierarchies
  • Connector dynamically uploads Kognitio filter agent to Hadoop nodes
  • Query passes selections and relevant predicates to agent
  • Data filtering and projection takes place locally on each Hadoop node
  • Only data of interest is returned to memory via parallel load streams

Connectors and external tables are defined via simple SQL statements and can be managed via permissions to control set-up, design and use. Kognitio Console GUI further simplifies access by using the connector to live browse data in the HDFS file system and create external tables via a wizard – no coding required.

Both connectors exploit the parallel architectures of both Hadoop and Kognitio so that data transmission is only constrained by available network bandwidth.

Interested in more information about Kognitio & Hadoop?

On-Hadoop Factsheet

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Kognitio on Hadoop brochure


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