Analytical Service Providers

Increasing Operational Efficiency while Lowering Costs with Kognitio

In a world awash with data, Analytical Service Providers (ASP) assist their clients in navigating the deluge to find the necessary insights to better understand their customers, identify market opportunities and mitigate risks. The challenge is that customers demand a lot from ASPs sometimes referred to as Analytical Information Service Providers. Customers want the right data, provided to the right person(s) in a format that is easily consumable and they want it now!

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ASPs deliver value-added data services via pre-configured and self-service reports or flexible access to data for their customers.  Revenue earned is dependent on getting the work done and Kognitio, with its in-memory massively parallel processing (MPP) Analytical Platform, enables providers to deliver more value to their clients at lower cost. Unlike other in-memory products, Kognitio is a mature and stable platform requiring very low management overheads and with a history of underpinning mission-critical analytical applications.

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With Kognitio you will:

  • Get access to a simple, flexible and extensible platform for business intelligence and complex analytics
  • Have the ability to address large data volumes to access the right information at the right time
  • Reduce the cost of building and administering your environment
  • Work with a partner who will help you to help your customers
  • Benefit from a commercial relationship that suits your business needs
  • Drive growth, performance, competitive advantage and profitability

Kognitio is a valuable partner for ASPs:

  • Proven, long-term solution for global leaders
  • High-performance analytics on large, complex and disparate data in order to meet demanding clients
  • Comprehensive support
  • Flexibility delivery options through software or services
  • A world-class customer experience

How does Kognitio empower you to better serve your clients?

  • In Memory: Order of magnitude faster than disk; Removes bottlenecks; Train of thought speeds on massive amounts of data
  • Massively Parallel Processing (MPP): Scaled across many CPUs and cores; Predictable, linearly scalable performance as volumes increase; Massive data volumes addressable
  • Avoid Data Manipulation: No cubes or materialized views; Faster load speeds; More flexible ad-hoc querying and analysis; Less complexity and administration
  • Open Connectivity: Supports open standards connectivity; MPP connectivity to Hadoop and other data platforms; MPP in-memory code execution for standard languages such as R, Python, Perl, and many more

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