telecommunications big data and analytics

Telecommunication organizations, by nature of their business, hold huge amounts of customer and call data records (CDRs). The potential within this seemingly granular information is massive. In a bid to exploit existing business and drive new revenue streams, operators require methods and technologies to leverage and get the maximum value from their data.

Key areas where the Kognitio Analytical Platform can assist:telecommunications-graphic

  • Behavioral segmentation
  • CDR analysis
  • Customer loyalty
  • Revenue assurance and optimization
  • Event modeling

Successfully utilizing big data and analytics can enable telecommunications organizations to generate new sources of revenue; achieve service excellence, and drive a high-quality customer experience. If you are not already doing so, use big data and analytics to:

  • Analyze location data to deliver ideal custom offerings
  • Create cross-industry solutions
  • Generate appropriate targeted marketing with higher response rates
  • Pinpoint and address network issues fast
  • Manage customer experience and churn
  • Analyze capacity requirements
  • Maintain the quality of service
  • Focus on most profitable customer segments
  • Increase customer loyalty reducing time and cost for developing campaigns
  • Reduce time and cost for campaign development

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