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Kognitio on Hadoop is the latest version of the Kognitio Analytical Platform, the world’s fastest in-memory data analysis engine. Kognitio on Hadoop includes full YARN (Hadoop’s preferred resource manager) integration allowing Kognitio to share hardware infrastructure with other Hadoop applications.

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The Kognitio Analytical Platform

The Proven Big Data In-memory Analytical Platform

At its core, Kognitio is a row-based relational database. Its “sharednothing” use of RAM, CPU core utilization and Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) for all analytics makes it the world’s fastest such technology. As an analytical platform, companies deploy Kognitio in environments where ultra-high-performance analytical capability is needed.

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Kognitio Cloud

With the explosive growth of data from day-to-day business operations, augmented by increasingly available and affordable third party data sets, business users need unbridled access to data at a scale previously impossible. In order to deliver analytics on those rich data volumes and gain relevant insights, a new component is required in the business intelligence infrastructure –the Analytical Platform. Kognitio Cloud makes it easier than ever to get started.

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Bringing Hadoop into the Mainstream

Hadoop is becoming the center of the data ecosystem, pulling the center of gravity away from a traditional data warehouse approach. The organizations that have a need for the powerful large-scale batch processing enabled by Hadoop also generally have a mature Business Intelligence (BI) infrastructure that is in use by business and operational users throughout the enterprise. An in-memory analytical platform complements Hadoop, making up for inherent shortfalls from latency and disk access. The ability for the Kognitio Analytical Platform to tightly integrate with Hadoop and interoperate with all layers of data persistence in an ‘Information Anywhere’ approach makes it a required component when bringing Hadoop into a mainstream environment.

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A Platform for Analytical Information Services

In a world that is awash with data, Analytical Information Services (AIS) providers assist their clients in navigating the deluge to find the necessary insights to better understand their customers, identify market opportunities and mitigate risks. The challenge is that customers demand a lot from AIS providers. They want the right data provided to the right person (or people) in a format that is easily consumed, and in environments where time equals money, they want it now! AIS providers require the fast, powerful and easy-to-deploy Kognitio Analytical Platform in order to meet demanding client SLAs. Kognitio is more than a product, rather a trusted partner to AIS providers – delivering comprehensive support to help them grow their businesses.

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Analytics for Gaming & Casinos

In this fast-paced and dynamic market, leading gaming and casino companies need to understand the effectiveness of marketing spend, the success in adoption of new games/products as well as what drives player acquisition, loyalty and retention; they also want to detect and act upon fraudulent and disruptive activity.

Kognitio is a proven solution in the gaming industry for high performance, in-memory analytics on large, complex and disparate data. Kognitio supports the marrying of data collected from the web, mobile and high street, together with data from other business units, sales channels, third parties and internal operations. This allows companies to conduct rapid high-value analytics including: customer, financial, marketing, brand, operation, player and channel.

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