The Analytical Journey

There is an overwhelming acknowledgement in the data industry that analytical requirements within many organisations are now moving from simply collecting data and reporting on it (through BI) to using data for prediction: what is going to happen; onto prescription: affecting change.

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Moving from Business Intelligence to Business Analytics

Whether you are aspiring to move from descriptive, diagnostic and alerting reporting, via traditional BI, to predictive business analytics, or already have an established advanced analytics capability, Kognitio’s Data Science team are available to help you take the next bold step in your analytical journey.

For those who want to move from BI reporting and alerting towards predictive analytics, the team can work with you to get the most of Kognitio to build processes and use modelling techniques that will bring you actionable predictive insight. Whether it is integrating new complex data sources within your existing data structure; deciding how to utilise standard modelling processes such as regression, decision trees, clustering etc; or developing algorithms specifically tailored to your requirements, Kognitio can help you plan your predictive analytics journey.

If you are already utilising predictive analytics are you considering moving to prescriptive analytics? Would you like to use more granular modelling techniques for more targeted client engagement? This will require larger samples or even analysis over your full data sets.

Taking the next steps in your analytical journey

Business Sponsorship and Deployment

It is essential to be able to prove the potential of any new analytics by measuring the value it brings to your organisation. Without this proof it is difficult to justify the cost to implement change in your existing IT infrastructure or analytics teams.

Utilise Kognitio Free-To-Use to support your analytics development. Prove the business benefit without having to sink capital cost into licensing expensive products. If it works then great: move to production deployment. If not, then try something else.

The Kognitio data science team is here to aid you in this process.

Data Limitations

From the development of new BI reports to creating data input for complex mathematical models, providing analysts access to the data is essential. Your current infrastructure may not be able to cope with the increased volume, increased computational cost of your model and complexity of the data needed to meet your new analytical aspirations.

The Data Science Team are available to help you seamlessly integrate new data sources into your Kognitio environment.

Skills Requirement

The expertise required to move to the next stage of analytics may not currently be present with your organisation. However, every organisation has individuals that are keen to grow their skill set and this should be mentored and nurtured.

The Kognitio Data Science team can be brought in on specific analytical projects. Working alongside your own teams allows them to take ownership of analytical models and processes. Kognitio can also identify and scope future work to help you take the next step on your analytical journey.

The team is also available to run bespoke training classes on Kognitio based on your specific requirements.