Kognitio understands that data and technology alone do not solve business needs. It is the people who leverage it that determine its ultimate value.

Our data science team is here to help you get the most out of Kognitio

Business needs timely results that deliver great insights and reliable foresight based on data that continues to get larger and more varied. Needs change ever faster as markets and industries become more dynamic but more exposed to shifts in technology, pricing and fast changing customer attitudes.

Kognitio’s data science team combines smart experienced people with our scalable technology to create a powerhouse for solving business analytical needs. Our record is impressive with many services clients with over ten years of contracted engagement.



  • Evaluation – The data science team are available to work with you on your evaluation of Kognitio Free-to-Use. Get in touch and let us know what you are planning or doing. We are available to help.
  • Deployment – move your Kognitio Free-to-Use into production. The team will work with you to make the move seamless.
  • Complex analytics – Is SQL no longer flexible enough to meet your growing analytical requirements. The team can help you utilise other languages such as python and R to grow your capability within a SQL environment.
  • Bespoke modelling – The team are available on a project basis to build solutions tailored to your specific needs; from complex data ingestion right through to bespoke analytics.
  • Scale Out Analytics – parallelisation for optimal performance over big data. Do you have processes that are running slowly engage the team to help you build scalable analytics on Kognitio.
  • Research into Big Data Analytics – Kognitio believe in staying at the forefront of research and are actively involved with academia

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