Kognitio and TRA honored with BeyeNETWORK’s “Vision Award” for Business Impact in category of Analytics

Chicago, October 26, 2009 – Kognitio, a leading global provider of business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing solutions, today announced it and TRA, Inc. have been named the recipients of the prestigious BeyeNETWORK “Vision Award for Business Impact.”

The companies won the award in the Analytics category, with judges citing the work done by TRA; the firm combines data on commercials TV viewers watch with point-of-sale (POS) data, and delivers granular information and insights about television viewing and the purchasing habits of viewers to advertisers and their agencies. In turn, this empowers advertisers and agencies to analyze and determine which commercials are hitting targeted consumers, and also adjust their spend to reach their targeted demographics more precisely.

TRA implemented Kognitio’s WX2 analytic database at the heart of its Media TRAnalytics(tm) offering, after discovering it was taking far too long to run reports based on gathered data. After implementing WX2, TRA was able to slash the time needed to generate the reports by up to 87 percent, returning results within seconds.

“The ability to rapidly analyze ever-growing amounts of data is becoming a prerequisite in the business world for those firms that want to gain or maintain a competitive advantage,” said Ron Powell, Cofounder and Editorial Director of the BeyeNETWORK. “TRA’s need for the rapid analysis of viewer data is a perfect example. It demonstrated that its deployment of WX2 provided it with increased analytical efficiency for its business, from the back end to the front end. While TRA and Kognitio’s submission represents an advanced vision today, the judges believe this is precisely the kind of BI implementation that will quickly move into the mainstream.”

Kognitio recently introduced an upgraded version of WX2, version 7.0, making it easier than ever for companies that want to benefit from high-intensity, in-memory data analytics to obtain the results they need in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of competing products. Moreover, they gain from WX2’s automated recovery and the database’s ability to carry out key maintenance operations online as automated background operations driven by system status, both of which dramatically increase system uptime.

“On behalf of both Kognitio and TRA, we are honored by the judges’ decision,” said John K. Thompson, Kognitio’s Chief Executive Officer of North American operations. “Forward-thinking companies like TRA are seeking answers to their challenges that will enable them to move to the next level. We’re proud that that WX2 meets their needs, as well as the needs of a growing number of companies for whom the rapid analysis of immense amounts of data is essential to their ability to do business.”

About Kognitio

Kognitio is an innovative, technology-rich company, providing leading-edge solutions to business problems that require the acquisition, rationalization and analysis of large or complex data. Kognitio’s award-winning WX2, a recipient of the 2009 BeyeNETWORK “Vision Award,” and SearchDataManagement.com’s 2008 “Product of the Year,” is the industry’s fastest and most scalable analytical database on the market, giving firms the ability to turn their raw data into valuable business insight fast, and empowering its customers to realize comprehensive answers to critical business questions.

Globally headquartered in Bracknell, UK, with North American headquarters in Chicago and offices in New York, Kognitio delivers competitive advantage to its clients across a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, financial services and utilities. More information is available by phone at 312.268.5725 and at www.kognitio.com.