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digital-marketing-graphicDriving business value from Online Marketing data

Consumers are presented with a huge number of advertisements, blogs, distributions, impressions and communications from the Marketing community. All with the objective of getting value for the consumer and from the consumer.

Your existing analysis is no doubt telling you the behavioural, contextual and personal profile to target but are you getting the full picture? Recording where each and every customer touches your business, where they arrived from and which series of marketing activity engaged them is a reality. Identification of specific conditions that create response and conversion and their measured outcomes, allowing the business to drive more value from online marketing, is not. Kognitio provides your organization with the ability to rapidly calculate these decisions as they happen and help you to maximize the opportunities that otherwise may pass you by daily, or hourly or even by the minute. And all without having to employ an army of analysts or data scientists!

Budgets for marketing analytics are set to increase by 60% over the next three years with only a 19% increase anticipated in headcount.1

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Partner Spotlight

Kognitio and Advance Visual Systems (AVS) provide a ready-packaged solution to enable digital marketers to SEE and ACT on the right mix.

Dazzling insight needs brilliant performance

Digital Marketing AnalyticsKognitio is designed to handle vast data volumes and manage complex analytical routines and processes to the granular level accuracy required by marketing and operations decision makers. Control of the insight is passed to the business user to ask speed-of-thought questions and receive the answers via powerful visualizations. Through the use of AVS visualization and predictive modeling tools, the results are presented in highly interactive and customized data visualizations.

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Client spotlight

1 February 2012 CMO
2 IBM CMO Study 2013: From Stretched to Strengthened



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