New in-memory analytic database

Next generation of in-memory analytic database announced

WX2 version 7.2 now shipping; added functionality for in-memory Big Data Analytics and Warehousing in the Cloud

Chicago, IL, October 19, 2011 — In-memory analytics pioneer Kognitio today announced version 7.2 of its award-winning in-memory analytic database, helping organizations to analyze their Big Data volumes in rapid timescales to achieve competitive advantage and market leadership. The database is available as an on-premise solution and on-demand in the Kognitio Cloud via the company’s Data Warehousing as a Service offering.

The new version sets new standards in next-generation analytics and data management. By combining the best of disk-based and in-memory analytics, organizations can now combine high volume dynamic data with real-time analytics to improve their planning, forecasting, pricing and customer optimization processes. Effectively, companies can become even more agile, analyze large volumes of detailed information as it becomes available and turn those analyses into tangible actions that drive their businesses forward.

“We’ve listened to the market and responded accordingly with version 7.2,” explains Roger Gaskell, CTO at Kognitio. “Companies want analytic database technology that scales to accommodate big data volumes while supporting increasingly complex analytics. Furthermore, they want fast query speeds and want to leverage the power of in-memory analytics to increase the amount of CPU processing power to meet their large data analysis requirements. Version 7.2 satisfies these needs fully.”

This latest version of the analytic solution includes the following:

Enhanced in-memory processing 

To allow more users to benefit from WX2’s incredible in-memory performance, a number of new performance and management features have been added to assist with the process of moving data between disk and memory. These features make WX2 a much more dynamic environment where users can manage their memory (RAM) usage themselves.

Improved disk scanning 

WX2 version 7.2 includes a new “disk train” mechanism which combines IO requests for multiple table scans, thereby reducing unnecessary disk head movements, and an automatically built and maintained “Compressed Disk Mapping” (CDM) functionality. As a result, access speeds for disk-based data have been dramatically improved. In turn, this improves query speeds for disk-based data but also allows data to be moved into and out of RAM more quickly.

Improved data loading

While WX2 has always excelled at data loading, version 7.2 contains contains a completely new, very high speed bulk loader. Besides dramatically increasing load speeds, the new loader allows complex file conversions to take place within the database platform.

Data compression 

Version 7.2 now supports data compression on disk, allowing users to load and analyze more data, more quickly.

Support for Multi-Dimensional Expressions (MDX) 

As well as SQL, the new version includes support for MDX. MDX is the language used by applications that expect to access data in a pre-aggregated OLAP cube. This feature allows OLAP applications to access relational data held in WX2 directly. In effect the data appears as a “virtual cube”.

Simpler administration 

With Version 7.2 WX2 is now easier to administer than before. The new version supports a number of new features to assist with memory management, including a completely new management user interface (UI). Additional platform performance statistics have been provided to assist with overall system management.

More support for the Cloud

WX2 version 7.2 is suited for deployment in the Kognitio Cloud, where users pay only for the analytics that they want to conduct via a monthly subscription model.

Version 7.2 is available immediately and pricing is available on demand.

About Kognitio

Kognitio is a long-standing innovator in the data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics markets. The company has pioneered many of the technologies now employed by state-of-the-art data warehouse/BI systems including the industry’s first in-memory analytic database, data warehouse appliance, MPP shared-nothing database, and Data warehousing as a Service (DaaS) cloud-based solution. Kognitio’s award-winning WX2 product is the industry’s fastest and most scalable analytic database, enabling firms to turn massive amounts of raw, complex data into valuable insight to solve their most urgent business problems. Its clients span many industries including market research, consumer packaged goods, retail, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, gaming, media and utilities. Kognitio is based in Bracknell, UK, with North American headquarters in Chicago and offices in New York, Raleigh, Minneapolis and other U.S. cities. More information is available at on Twitter and Facebook.