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Data Science is an ever more commonly used term for the confluence of analytical and computational disciplines alongside business domain knowledge. This enables directed interrogation of big data to gain actionable business insight. Spearheading this convergence are Data Scientists who solve often complex data problems by employing deep expertise in mathematical and scientific disciplines. Having the right skills and experience to be able to discover and extract value from the wide-ranging and scaling data available to organizations is only part of problem – the right tools have to be available to allow the Data Scientists to work without constraints.

Work faster and smarter with the tools of your choice

Kognitio powers the Data Science Lab and empowers the Data Scientist with :

  • Easy access to data from diverse sources and the ability to “pin” this data in memory for rapid access
  • A platform for painless manipulation and restructuring of analytical data sets
  • A single platform agile enough to support diverse and complex tasks allowing for fast multiple iterations of modeling development
  • Any standard programming language or script can be processed massively parallel – for example, ‘R’ can be executed utilizing MPP capabilities
  • The unification of SQL and Not-only-SQL capabilities within one system – use the best-suited language for a particular task, or simply, the language of choice
  • The adoption of any data model design utilizing the power of in-memory computing means faster execution and lower latencies, yet with minimal design overheads
  • Freedom to explore by “train-of-thought” – exploit the ability to run ad-hoc, complex analytics in real-time on large and scaling data sets

The Kognitio Analytical Platform has been specifically developed to give the flexibility to meet the challenges of increasingly complex analytics over exploding data volumes. See how these challenges are met using open source statistical language, ‘R’ whilst running in the Data Science Lab for optimal performance. And how real-life business challenges can be solved.

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