Tableau visual analytics software is making working with data on a day-to-day basis fun (how often do you hear that in the world of data?). It levels the playing field for all types of users to realize value from data small and large; accesible and easy to use for business users; functionally rich and visually sophisticated for power users and data scientists. Interacting with data via simple drag-and-drop encourages more use, more investigation, and draws in more users as they ‘see’ the benefits. Those simple screen interactions can drive quite complex queries that need to be satisfied quickly, in a few seconds or less. These interactions are typically satisfied by an underlying database technology where managed quality data is available. When the volume of use inevitably increases that back-end DB will suffer and correspondingly so will query response times and the end-user experience!

Kognitio, as a new technology partner of Tableau, is pleased to announce the availability of the Kognitio platform named connector in Tableau release 9.3.1 for Windows and Apple Mac OS.

Read the Tableau announcement on their blog


Kognitio Analytical platform is perfectly suited to serving the needs of a growing community of demanding Tableau users where maintaining fast query responses, without compromising query complexity or data model integrity, is vital.

  • Concurrency – Easily support hundreds of concurrent querying users
  • Raw speed – few seconds or less for the stoccato of simple and complex queries
  • Robust – mature, production grade implementation, 7X24 performance
  • Scalable in-memory – it’s all about CPU efficiency unhindered on multiple simultaneous data models