Tattershall Castle Group (TCG) gains greater understanding of business operations with Kognitio WX2

Marlow, United Kingdom – 22nd October 2007 – Kognitio, a leading provider of business intelligence and data warehousing solutions, today announced that Tattershall Castle Group (TCG) has gained a more thorough understanding of its business operations and thus become more competitive by using Kognitio WX2, a comprehensive analytical database software solution. TCG, which owns and runs 155 pubs and bars across the UK including chains such as Bar 38 and Henry’s Bar+Caf?, enlisted Kognitio’s help back in Spring 2007 in order to implement a comprehensive business intelligence (BI) environment that gives both executive management and operational staff the ability to make decisions and drive the business based on actual data as opposed to gut-feel inferences.

Alongside the purchase of a Kognitio WX2 licence, TCG also signed a 36-month managed service contract. This allows the organisation to source critical information on various facets of its business, including sales, labour usage, forecasts, EBITDA and margins through bespoke reports, without the need to engineer data, build and publish reports or manage the data environment in-house.

TCG recognised the need to streamline the manner in which staff were analysing the business; the main challenge was enabling the staff, from management to operations, to analyse the dynamic changes in business performance across the organisation in a comparable manner. Before engaging with Kognitio, a wide range of data sets, tools and ad-hoc analytical methods used to manage the business were giving varying results with individuals trying to create their own analysis resulting in misaligned findings. Now, through the deployment of WX2, TCG’s management has been able to identify where the Company was losing key opportunities to increase sales and profits through identifying uncontrolled costs, missed sales opportunities and low margins.

With Kognitio WX2 TCG now benefits from one central data repository which acts as the base of all information on the business and provides one version of the truth. As a result TCG benefits from the high performance, flexibility and scalability of the database; the management can ask any question of the data and quickly get comprehensive results to produce reports on all aspects of the business to support project-based analysis.

For example, an executive manager can ask the question “what is the top performing outlet?”, a business development manager can ask “how effective are the new staff roster patterns in sustaining trade and driving sales?” and a bar manager can find out the effect of discounting beer at 7pm as opposed to 9pm.

“To have a clear and reliable overview of our business performance we needed to compare like-for-like but this was impossible because different users were working with different analysis tools. We can now run comparable reports on the various parts of the business that allow us to drive our business decision-making. With such a wealth of business data we are now empowered to validate rather than rely on gut-feel and we can identify and eliminate compensating performance across different time periods or segments of our business,” explains Robert George, finance director at TCG. “With Kognitio WX2 we can quickly analyse all of our data, identifying new opportunities, both financial and non-financial, as well as report on the business’ weaknesses and strengths. Kognitio has lifted the cover on a wealth of information we did not even know we had.”

“The importance for leisure companies to be able to understand their consumers’ profiles and spending patterns is paramount to grow revenues. The TCG venues appeal to a number of different audiences and hence it is key that the management understands as much as possible about each group,” said Roger Llewellyn, managing director at Kognitio. “WX2 will allow TCG to drive sales and identify up-sell and cross-selling opportunities at the bar and pub levels. We are delighted that TCG has chosen Kognitio WX2 to help them gain a thorough insight into their business operations.”

About Kognitio

Kognitio is an innovative, technology-rich company, providing leading-edge solutions to business problems that require the acquisition, rationalisation and analysis of large or complex data.

Kognitio’s offering is centred around three areas: WX2, the fastest and most scalable analytical database on the market, managed services and data migration expertise. All three areas are complemented by an extensive professional services team helping to ensure businesses gain competitive advantage from their data.

With its industry-leading analytical database offering, WX2, Kognitio is able to turn a company’s raw data into valuable business insight fast, empowering its customers to realise comprehensive answers to critical business questions. Kognitio’s managed services model allows its customers to focus on running their businesses and increasing the bottom line. By also adopting Kognitio’s outsourced approach, customers are able to reduce start-up time and costs, as well as avoid expensive product acquisition costs. With a strong specialisation in the insurance (life and pensions) as well as financial services, Kognitio’s data migration services help companies to provide lower risk and lower cost solutions to companies that are rationalising and consolidating operational platforms. Kognitio has the largest independent migration services team in the UK.

Kognitio delivers competitive advantage to its clients in various industries, including telecommunications, the financial sector and utilities. For more information, visit the Kognitio website atwww.kognitio.com, call +44 (0)1628 400 000 or email info@www.kognitio.com

About Tattershall Castle Group

Tattershall Castle Group was created on 18 September 2005 following the acquisition of 178 managed public houses/bars from the Spirit Group for ?177m. The business is based in Swindon, UK, and is backed by funds advised by Alchemy Partners LLP. The premises are located throughout Great Britain stretching from Inverness to Newquay and Cardiff to Bromley, whilst 39% of the premises are located in London and the South East. For more information, go to www.tattershallcastlegroup.com