The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Warehouse, Q4 2013

Complimentary copy of the latest 2013 Forrester Wave: Enterprise Data Warehouse Report!  Review the evaluation of top platform vendors and find out why Kognitio earned a strong position in the report.

Forrester, a leading research and advisory firm, provides clients and the end-user community detailed analysis on vendors’ products and services in the arenas of software, hardware and the services market. This particular Forrest Wave™ report evaluates the top EDW solutions from 11 vendors, including Kognitio. Scores were based on factors like performance, scalability, integration with Hadoop and data services, security, high availability, mixed workload management and hardware optimization.

Kognitio Highlights from the report:

  • Kognitio is an “Innovative,” “Strong performer”
  • “Kognitio’s entirely in-memory, distributed EDW is appealing for customers looking for fast performance on commodity hardware”
  • Kognitio received the highest score possible (5 out of 5) in the product roadmap category and strong 4 out of a possible 5 in their assessment of strategy
  • “Kognitio was designed from the start as an MPP (distributed) in-memory RDBMS, making extensive use of RAM-based processing for maximum performance. It supports data compression and can linearly add data capacity by adding nodes or appliances. Kognitio is typically scaled out by adding additional servers to the system, but Kognitio can also fully and automatically scale up by exploiting RAM, processor, or disk upgrades on each server”

Overall, the ability of the Kognitio Analytical Platform, operating in a massively parallel processing (MPP) environment, has delivered proven results for companies worldwide, letting them do business more effectively and profitably. At the same time, Kognitio innovations such as the Kognitio Cloud™ have allowed a new breed of companies to emerge, giving them the power to take advantage of analytics previously available only tolarge enterprises.
Forrester Wave Report 2013