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Latest News & Updates

SYN cookies ate my dog – breaking TCP on Linux

TCP is supposed to guarantee that all bytes sent by one endpoint of a connection will be received, in the same order, by the other endpoint. In this article we’ll identify and demonstrate a wrinkle in the Linux implementation of …
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A Review of DataWorks Summit, San Jose 2017

The DataWorks Summit in San Jose was held on June 13-15, and this blog post summarises interesting talks at the event. Keynote section Sumeet Singh (Yahoo) Sumeet talked about Yahoo’s migration from MapReduce jobs to those running on Tez on …
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What is Hadoop good for?

It must be confusing if you are a Hadoop newbie at the moment. There are so many conflicting opinions about what it should be used for, as anecdotally demonstrated at the end of this beautifully written piece about the Big …
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Glue Connector

Glue Connector The Glue connector is a metadata connector, which is used for querying and creating tables in AWS Glue. When you create an external table with this connector, if you give it the name of a table name already
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TO_TIME The TO_TIME function converts a string in a given format to a Kognitio TIME data type. It will also accept a number instead of a string, within certain limits. It is possible to specify a literal string, a literal …
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Which companies are using Hadoop for big data analytics?

Forrester once predicted that enterprise adoption of Hadoop will become mandatory. While some companies are still struggling with their Hadoop projects, others are using the big data framework to revolutionize their data storage and analytics. The advantages of Hadoop — …
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Hadoop compared with other technologies

What is the difference between Apache Spark™ and Apache™ Hadoop®?Spark is an open source, in-memory, parallel data processing engine. It is an alternative to MapReduce which is less widely used these days. Spark can run on Hadoop or on its …
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Set analysis with variables – dynamic secret sauces and meet your new best friend in Qlik Sense

I discovered set analysis with variables recently and thought it would be useful to share how I used them. Even if you know how to use them, check out the end of this blog where I use an extension to …
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Hadoop Commands Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet outlines some of the main Hadoop commands that we’ve found useful, as well as Kognitio specific commands when used on Hadoop. Generic
  • hadoop fs -ls <path> list files in the path of the file system
  • hadoop …
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LIKE and ILIKE The predicates LIKE and ILIKE are used to search for strings that match a given pattern, so you can search or for a single word (or string) in a long text field. LIKE is case sensitive, ILIKE …
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