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Allow your business users to interactively query big data using their preferred BI tools

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Inmar puts Kognitio at the heart of its retail analytics portal

Kognitio’s high-speed processing means Inmar can offer more and more real-time queries through its customer portal, allowing them to offer very detailed targeting that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

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Why choose Kognitio

By running Kognitio’s SQL engine on your big data, you’ll get ultra-fast query results for thousands of concurrent users.


Fastest SQL on Hadoop

Ultra-fast SQL for huge working sets in either Hadoop or your traditional data warehouse. Kognitio beats Impala, Hive LLAP, Presto and Spark SQL.

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Thousands of complex queries per second

Unrivalled throughput meaning you can serve answers to thousands of concurrent users throughout your business.

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Real-world SQL, tuned for BI queries

Kognitio runs ANSI standard SQL queries. Whether the queries are hand-written or generated by your BI tool, Kognitio slots into your existing workflow.

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Tableau with 9 petabytes in Hadoop

The world’s largest card provider serves business insight to enterprise customers globally with Kognitio.

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Resilient, highly performant in-memory analytics

bet365 gets deeper insight at speed with Kognitio.

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Real-time point of sale analysis at AIMIA

AIMIA uses Kognitio to help retailers and suppliers understand consumer behavior.

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7 reasons why we need SQL now more than ever

Mark Chopping | Feb 05, 2018

SQL has been around for a long time, and we occasionally see attempts to displace it as the language of choice for analyzing data. You can find a whole page of query languages listed here, for example. So why is SQL still needed? 1. Wide adoption Firstly, we should look at how widely used SQL…

Why SQL on Hadoop is one option for gaining real ROI from Big Data

Catherine Nottage | Jan 29, 2018

Hadoop was seen as a virtual playground full of possibilities for engineers to reinvent a business’ relationship with its data resources. The business was sold on knowing its customers inside out. Not limited now to just the data it collects from transactions, but other rich content on social media or from wearables or IoT. All…

What is Hadoop good for?

Roger Gaskell | Jan 15, 2018

It must be confusing if you are a Hadoop newbie at the moment. There are so many conflicting opinions about what Hadoop should be used for, as anecdotally demonstrated at the end of this beautifully written piece about the Big Data London event. At one end of the spectrum you have people saying, “it’s only…

Marriage counsellors needed: Hadoop and BI

Catherine Nottage | Jan 10, 2018

We’ve reached the age of pervasive BI, where business insights are placed at the fingertips of those who make the key strategic decisions for success. Leading businesses are data-driven, focused on extracting as much insight and understanding from the data they consume. In the main, Hadoop has been a technology that has facilitated the collection,…