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Why choose Kognitio

By running Kognitio’s SQL engine on your big data, you’ll get ultra-fast query results for thousands of concurrent users.


Fastest SQL on Hadoop

Ultra-fast SQL for huge working sets in either Hadoop or your traditional data warehouse. Kognitio beats Impala, Hive LLAP, Presto and Spark SQL.

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Thousands of complex queries per second

Unrivalled throughput meaning you can serve answers to thousands of concurrent users throughout your business.

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Real-world SQL, tuned for BI queries

Kognitio runs ANSI standard SQL queries. Whether the queries are hand-written or generated by your BI tool, Kognitio slots into your existing workflow.

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Tableau with 9 petabytes in Hadoop

The world’s largest card provider serves business insight to enterprise customers globally with Kognitio.

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Resilient, highly performant in-memory analytics

bet365 gets deeper insight at speed with Kognitio.

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Real-time point of sale analysis at AIMIA

AIMIA uses Kognitio to help retailers and suppliers understand consumer behavior.

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Which Hadoop distribution is right for you?

Mark Chopping | Dec 11, 2017

Apache Hadoop is an open source software offering that supports the storage and processing of large data sets across a number of computers. My Dzone article describes how a number of Hadoop distributions sprang up to simplify the process of deploying and managing Hadoop, but how do you decide which distribution is right for you? Requirements…

How long are you really waiting for a bus on the TfL network?

Chak Leung | Dec 04, 2017

We recently spoke at Big Data London where our focus was about being able to perform BI on Hadoop using some bus data from Transport for London (TfL). After the talk, there was some interest in the maths behind what we presented and whilst not overly complicated (yet), a blog entry with more explanations seemed…

What electronic bus boards don’t tell you, filling in the gaps in TfL bus data with Kognitio SQL

Chak Leung | Nov 28, 2017

We previously talked about reading JSON files into Kognitio from Amazon S3 in this previous blog post and like with most data, it needed to be cleansed and formatted. In this post we will go through one that needed to be applied to the TfL bus data we collected. This is separated into lookups (information…

Documenting the conflicting messages from Big Data London

Ed Stenson | Nov 22, 2017

My mission at the moment is to reinvent Kognitio’s documentation suite. Good documentation needs to be frictionless and inviting. It needs to inspire confidence. Newcomers to Kognitio are at the start of their journey. At first, they might not even know what we do so an essential task is to present that message. I thought…