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Kognitio on Hadoop outperforms Spark and Impala

New tests, run using the industry-standard TPC-DS benchmarks

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Why choose Kognitio

Kognitio is a pioneer in the development of scale-out, in-memory software for big data analytics, providing an ultra-fast, high concurrency SQL layer that allows modern BI and visualization tools to maintain performance, even when the data volume is large and the user count is high.


Fastest SQL on Hadoop

Ultra-fast SQL for huge working sets in either Hadoop or your traditional data warehouse. Kognitio beats Impala, Hive and Spark SQL.

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Thousands of complex queries per second

Unrivalled throughput meaning you can serve answers to thousands of concurrent users throughout your business.

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Real-world SQL, tuned for BI queries

Kognitio runs your standard SQL queries, so there’s nothing new to learn. Whether the queries are hand-written or generated by your BI tool, Kognitio slots into your existing workflow.

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Tableau with 9 petabytes in Hadoop

The world’s largest card provider serves business insight to enterprise customers globally with Kognitio.

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Resilient, highly performant in-memory analytics

bet365 gets deeper insight at speed with Kognitio.

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Real-time point of sale analysis at AIMIA

AIMIA uses Kognitio to help retailers and suppliers understand consumer behavior.

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Computers with car batteries

Roger Gaskell | Aug 09, 2017

It may surprise people who have only recently heard of Kognitio, that besides developing in-memory, scale-out data analytics software, we (then called Whitecross) used to design and build super-computers. And, to solve any bafflement over the name of this blog, yes early versions did contain sets of what were effectively lead, acid car batteries. They…

The truth about in-memory computing

Roger Gaskell | Jul 20, 2017

A few weeks back one of my favourite analysts, Merv Adrian tweeted the following: ““Just move it to memory and it will speed up.” Not so fast (pun intended.) Serious engineering required – even for a KV store. ” I could not help but smile when I saw this. I’ve spent years telling anyone who would…

Data discovery in Kognitio with TFL and Tableau

Chak Leung | Jul 06, 2017

(Power by TFL Open Data, Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database rights 2016) In previous blog posts I’ve gone over ways to push data to S3 and connect to it via Kognitio external tables (link). I’ll be using that method on some bus data provided by Transport for London (TFL) and accelerating a…

A Review of DataWorks Summit, San Jose 2017

Mark Chopping | Jun 19, 2017

The DataWorks Summit in San Jose was held on June 13-15, and this blog post summarises interesting talks at the event. Keynote section Sumeet Singh (Yahoo) Sumeet talked about Yahoo’s migration from MapReduce jobs to those running on Tez on the 39K+ nodes that they use for Hadoop processing with over 1M jobs per day….