Big Data

Big Data is commonly defined by the three Vs: the large Volume of data, the wide Variety of data types and the extreme Velocity of the data streaming in.

We make it our mission at Kognitio to help companies solve some of the inevitable challenges that analyzing Big Data brings.

Applications of Big Data

Deep learning and the future of facial recognition

Facial recognition technology is being increasingly used in a range of use cases. But it has its pros and cons. In this infographic, we outline some of the ways facial recognition software is being used and why.

The worst bus stop in London

Kognitio is all about dealing with data, and we decided to put our tools to the test by looking at London's buses. We wanted to know: What is the worst bus stop in London? We looked at 4,938,534,706 data points, 19,687 individual bus stops, 675 bus routes and 9,641 buses. A snapshot of three months of bus journeys in London. That's a lot of data. The results are here to see.

Big brands using big data

Long considered just a concern for those interested in business and data analytics, big data is now recognized as more than just an area of data theory, but a powerful business tool. We have taken a look at the real-world applications of big data by showcasing how it’s currently being used by several well-known brands:

Big data sets – where to find and how to harvest them

In this blog, Kognitio Data Scientist Chak Leung outlines places that you can capture massive data sets to analyze using big data analytics tools.

How BMW uses big data to boost maintenance and customer service

In this blog we outline some of the things BMW has been doing around its big data analytics programs and its use of data to help reduce lead times and lower costs.

How big data is transforming medicine

We all know big data improves business operations across the world, but it’s also vastly advancing the medical field. Find out how.


Hadoop Commands Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet outlines some of the main Hadoop commands that we’ve found useful, as well as Kognitio specific commands when used on Hadoop.

Hadoop guides

Read our quick guides to Hadoop®: A Beginner’s Guide, Hadoop processes and functions and Hadoop compared to other technologies.

What is Hadoop good for?

There are so many conflicting opinions about what Hadoop should be used for. At one end of the spectrum you have people saying, “it’s only good for storage,” and at the other, Cloudera has a vision for Hadoop as the only data platform you will ever need. In this blog, Kognitio's CEO Roger Gaskell asks, "What is Hadoop good for?

Which Hadoop distribution is right for you?

Apache Hadoop is open source software that supports the storage and processing of large data sets across a number of computers. A number of Hadoop distributions sprang up to simplify the process of deploying and managing Hadoop, but how do you decide which distribution is right for you? In this blog, Kognitio COO Mark Chopping gives tips on how to choose.

Hadoop’s biggest problem, and how to fix it

Hadoop was seen as a silver bullet for many companies, but recently there has been an increase in critical headlines like, "Hadoop Has Failed Us" or "Tech Experts Say You’re doing Hadoop and Spark wrong, and they will probably fail". Dig behind the headlines, and a major issue is the inability for users to query data in Hadoop in the manner they are used to with commercial database products.

Which companies are using Hadoop for big data analytics?

Ever wondered which well known businesses have made a true success of Hadoop for big data analytics, and how? Here are five businesses successfully using Hadoop for analytics.

I've put data in Hadoop so analytics will be quick right?

Volume, variety and velocity are the three known defining properties that put the ‘big’ in ‘big data’. Hadoop helps businesses overcome many of the challenges of dealing with these three properties, but does it solve all of them?