Insurance firms ‘starting to unlock big data potential’

Firms in the insurance sector are expected to increasingly rely on big data analytics solutions for their day-to-day operations and wider decision-making this year, according to a new report from Fitch. The credit ratings agency stated the technology will have an important role to play in boosting insurers' profitability and competitiveness. The firm noted that…

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Retailers ‘must do more’ to make big data work

Large retailers have been urged to make a greater effort to gather relevant details on their customers' opinions and buying habits in order to make the most of their big data investment. A new report from consultancy firm AT Kearney, which looked at the activities of firms in Australia, revealed that even though investment in…

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How can big data boost a firm’s information security?

With recognition growing about how the use of big data analytics can bring positive impacts to all aspects of a business, more companies are exploring how they can use the technology to protect their assets and react quickly to emerging threats, as well as boost areas such as customer engagement. This could be especially important…

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