Healthcare organisations ‘confused’ over big data analytics

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IT leaders in the healthcare industry have confessed to confusion over how to approach big data analytics and what the technology could do for them, a new survey has shown. Research conducted by Stoltenberg Consulting for its annual Health IT Industry Outlook revealed that more than half of professionals in the sector (51 per cent)…

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How tools like Spark are speeding up big data

When companies are analysing potential big data analytics solutions, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration – central of which are the 'three Vs' of volume, variety and velocity. In the past, many businesses placed much of their focus on volume, as companies needed to overhaul their systems to cope with…

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Big data analytics ‘a top priority’ for banks

Apr 22, 2015 | By

Advanced business intelligence and big data analytics solutions have been named as a greater IT priority for enterprises in the banking sector than traditional key issues such as security. This is according to a new study by Ovum, which revealed analytics was identified as the number one area of focus for 2015 by 29 per…

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