How can businesses secure their big data lakes?

One trend that's becoming more popular than ever among enterprises looking to make the most of their information is the concept of the 'data lake'. This involves pooling pieces of incoming information from a wide range of sources into a centralised resource, in order to make it easier to analyse and spot key insights. However,…

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How can startups make the most of big data?

When people are talking about big data analytics, there's often an assumption that the technology is only for large, established organisations that already have a huge pool of information from which to draw upon and can afford to dedicate large resources to building an effective solution. However, this is not necessarily the case. Even small…

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Many businesses ‘still slow’ to act on big data

Recognition of the potential benefits offered by big data analytics is widespread, but despite this, many companies have yet to take clear actions to make the most of the technology. This is according to a survey conducted among attendees of the recent V3 Big Data Summit, which revealed conflicting attitudes to the use of analytics….

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