How can you get Hadoop integrated into your business?

With more organisations looking to add big data analytics capabilities to their operations in order to take advantage of the huge amounts of information they have available, many firms will be examining which technologies will be the best options for their business. One of the most popular choices for firms will be Hadoop, which is…

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Big data ‘still seen as IT-dominated projects’

The majority of chief information officers (CIOs) still view big data analytics as primarily IT-based projects, although there is a growing recognition of the impact it can have on business departments. This is among the findings of a new survey conducted by recruitment firm Robert Half in Australia, which revealed that 54 per cent of…

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Effective use of big data algorithms ‘vital’ for retailers

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It is essential that retailers are able to create effective algorithms to make the most of the large quantities of data they possess if they are to ensure competitive advantage. This is according to Gartner, which said that this can help them cut costs and improve their top-line revenue in a digital economy where there…

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Big data ‘set to lower healthcare costs’

The implementation of advanced big data analytics solutions in the healthcare sector could help significantly lower costs in the marketplace by changing the way treatments are developed, prepared and delivered. This is according to a new study by Lux Research, which noted that soaring costs are a problem that is continuing to plague the industry,…

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Finance and manufacturing lead the way for big data investments

Businesses in the finance and manufacturing sectors will be among the biggest users of big data analytics solutions in the coming years as they strive to make the most of the huge amounts of information their activities generate. This is according to new research by International Data Corporation (IDC), which found that banking, professional services,…

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