7 Social Media Platforms To Build Brand Image For Businesses

Few years ago, small businesses were in dilemma and had doubts whether social media was worth investing into. But now, it is no longer a question or issue on whether you need to be using social media. Rather, you have to think about the ways on using it effectively and efficiently in order to drive the business forward. A recent statistic was published by iDigic, Social media services for business – a Factosocial 101 infographic. It provides a clear description on how the various social media sites influence the brand value and business of a firm. Sometimes small businesses might feel that social media presence is a kind of luxury rather than some kind of necessity. Social media can be a huge boon for small business and the time they invest will definitely pay off.
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Impact of Social Media Worldwide

Do you know there are more than 523,000,000 global users present in social media platforms?

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Social Media 101 For Business - Factosocial

Article and Infographic supplied by iDigic

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The amount of engagement and followers social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest brings is humongous. Even for business, social media is a tool by which they can predict the customer requirements and ensure that it reaches to them just like how they want.

Let’s check out how full fledge social media is in achieving the goals of business –


Regarded as one of the relevant social media sites, Facebook steamrolls through competition and the clear proof for that is the 1.62 billion users. And the count keeps increasing each day. Like most of the things that are famous, Facebook has immense potential for your business as well as its marketing needs.
Statistics show that about 42% of the business feel and accept that Facebook is important for their business. Start-ups can post details of their firm, their stories, and the various products and services that they sell. They can add friends and ensure that to get likes for each post that they submit.
There is a likelihood that about 51% of the customers who like your page might be converted into a customer. On an average, individuals spend about one hour everyday on Facebook.


Similar to the Facebook, this 140 character limit brings in great leverage to businesses through social interaction. Having more than 320 million users from all around the world this is the perfect for business to increase their engagement rate. Many experts feel that this is one of the most powerful tools for creating a target audience and even it is easy to develop trust and engage with them.
Do you know that Twitter provides 21% more engagement rate when there are two hashtags? Twitter is the best hub for women as about 55% of the users in Twitter are women and the remaining ones are males. That is why Twitter is filled with various posts related to fashion and cuisine.


It is surprising to know that about 93% of the world famous brands are using Instagram. Basically, this is one of the best social media platform for sharing vivid images with your friends via an uncluttered and clean interface. No doubt, Instagram has become one of the most famous social networking sites to create brands.

Just like other social media sites, Instagram provides business the chance to interact with their potential clients as well as ensure that they make the purchase. There are various studies which show that about 68% of the Instagram users engage with popular brands each day. Even social media marketers like to use Instagram in order to publicize the products and services of their customers.


If you are on the lookout of a social media site which depends on visual content, then Pinterest is the perfect choice which plays second fiddle to Instagram. Also, like the Twitter, this is the perfect for those businesses with deal with products related to fashion and cuisine. So, it is not surprising to see that 79% of Pinterest users are female while the remaining ones are male.

Compared to Facebook, Pinterest generates 27% more revenue from clicks and about 32% of individuals like to surf and pin pictures on Pinterest rather than watch TV. In fact, there are various brands online which use Pinterest to create a solid base to provide easy interactions.


When it comes to professional social network, Linkedin has the biggest followers in terms of working professionals beyond any doubt. Here about 41% of the people use this for marketing their products and services. Just think of it as a place where individuals from various industries discuss their corporate lifestyle and goals and create a long lasting relationship.

Various firms have a solid strategy which involves using the Linkedin profile in order to enhance their online credibility. Furthermore, 97% of staffing departments use Linkedin for recruitment and hiring activities. On an average, an individual spends about 2 hours on Linkedin


Another famous social media tool is Google+ where 41% of the users interact with their favorite brands. Even though it was backed by the giants of the Internet themselves, initially it had a very unsure start. Later on the folks at big G pulled their act together and currently the network is growing by leaps and bounds.
More than 70% of the top brands are using Google+ to market their products and services. Even 51% of digital marketing professionals are using Google+ as it is interactive as well as easy to use. Various statistics show that Google+ has about 540 million active users and the biggest number of visits each month when compared to other platforms.


For a long time, YouTube has been associated with providing free streaming of videos and since the takeover from Google, this has reached new heights. About 43% of new users will purchase a product whose ad they seen on YouTube. Firms even experience 31% increase in traffic using the YouTube ads.
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In Summary

Social media is one of the major forces in the scheme of business today. For many businesses it has become quite critical to get their brand online and they consider social media as the first step. However, just by selecting the required social media cannot guarantee you the required success unless you plan out the required steps and strategies using it.

From Kognitio’s perspective all of this social interaction and engagement generates data, lots and lots of data. THe faster you can interact with, and query and analyse this data, the greater the liklihood of a high value interaction or outcome event – ultimately what your business wants! So if your analytics can’t keep up or are not fast enough to get that rapid turn-around for an immediate outcome – come talk to us.

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