Analytics skills ‘in high demand’

Technology professionals with experience in analytics are finding themselves in high demand as businesses look to harness the power of big data.
Indeed, the number of analytics-related vacancies posted on technology jobs website Dice has risen substantially over the last 12 months, reaching an all-time high.
NoSQL experts are particularly sought after as the non-relational database model continues to challenge the dominance of traditional relational databases. The number of posts requiring NoSQL experience has increased by 54 per cent since this time last year.
Postings for professionals who are skilled in big data have also risen by 46 per cent during the same time frame, with enterprises of all shapes and sizes seeking a slice of the big data pie.
Dice's data also shows that job listings for people with experience of Apache Hadoop are up by 43 per cent year-on-year.
Other job sites appear to have seen increased demand for analytics skills, too.'s latest Job Trends graph shows that the NoSQL database MongoDB is the second most commonly used word in job postings on its site, while Hadoop is in seventh place.
This apparent surge in the number of businesses looking for analytics professionals could simply be down to growth in the number of enterprises launching big data analytics projects.
Big data is no longer something that only the biggest of companies get involved in, as a new study by Dell shows that midmarket firms are increasingly getting in on the act.
Four in ten of the midmarket organisations surveyed by the technology giant said they already had one or more big data analytics projects in place, and more than half said they plan to start one in the near future.
Overall, respondents said they expect their big data budgets increase to an average of $6 million over the next two years, which could lead to even higher demand for experts in the field.