Are your digital marketing analytics solutions coping with the new environment?

One of the key challenges for businesses in the current environment is making sure their digital marketing activities are meeting the needs of their customers and driving value for the company.

This can be difficult for firms, as it is often the case organizations are unable to collect and then effectively analyze the right information to help them to understand the needs of consumers, which is vital if an enterprise is to offer the best service.

Therefore, Kognitio will be running a webinar next week, on June 6th at 11:00 EDT, that will aim to educate businesses about the options available to them for improving their use of data analytics to gain a full view of their customers.

It was recently noted by Nigel Sanctuary, vice-president of propositions at Kognitio, that digital marketing is not just the reality for many firms in the current environment, but a "rapidly evolving" one. As a result, many of the solutions being used by businesses are not fit for the purpose of understanding and manipulating the complex data environment organizations are facing.

The importance of analyzing large data sets effectively is clear. Figures from eMarketer suggest 68 percent of companies expect to increase their spending on data-driven marketing this year, while almost half of firms (49 percent) agree that website analytics will be the most important source of data on their customers – far ahead of other channels such as email and social media interaction.

Despite this, most firms still have a very limited understanding of what digital marketing analytics can do for them. But with the number of customer touchpoints growing and the amount of data that businesses have to deal with increasing all the time, forward-thinking firms cannot afford to ignore the opportunities available.

Mr Sanctuary added: "There is all this data out there – what do you collect? How do you collect it? Where do you store it? How do you access and manage it?"

Kognitio's webinar next week will seek to answer some of these questions and give attendees the guidance and knowledge they need to put in place effective systems for interpreting big data and deriving actionable intelligence than can be used to improve their marketing activities.