BI professionals attend Spark! Atlanta conference

Business intelligence (BI) and data analytics professionals are meeting in Atlanta today (September 24th) for the start of a two-day event aiming to offer insight into the latest developments and strategies in the industry.,

The Spark! Atlanta event is sponsored by Kognitio and will allow professionals to engage directly with industry thought leaders, analysts and vendors on a community basis to build up their knowledge base and contacts list.

At the heart of the conference, which is the fourth such event in the series this year, will be eight sessions presented by industry expert John O'Brien, founder and chief executive officer at Radiant Advisors.,

He will be imparting his 25 years of experience in the data warehousing and business intelligence to attendees. The focus at the Atlanta event will be on how organizations can implement the frameworks and methodologies for modernizing legacy data warehouses into up-to-date information platforms and combine the latest data integration and analytic databases. 

Mr O'Brien will kick off the conference with a plenary session entitled The Journey to Rediscovering BI. In this, he will detail how the current data warehousing and BI landscape is reinventing itself faster than ever before – and explaining what companies need to do to be sure they can keep up with this.

With companies increasingly adopting new technologies such as big data, advanced analytics tools and visualization to improve on their business value, professionals will need to be aware of how these new business models are challenging traditional BI paradigms and demanding a new definition of BI and how it helps the enterprise.

Other sessions at the event will look at various aspects of the new BI landscape and the technologies that it will be essential for businesses to familiarize themselves with. These include how Hadoop will have a key role to play in big data analytics and the impact that emerging database technologies such as NoSQL can be utilized to make the management of data easier.