CIO’s ‘still uncertain’ over big data investments

A large number of chief information officers (CIOs) remain wary of big data analytics deployments, with the majority saying it is still too early to say how such investments will work with their existing infrastructure.

This is according to a new survey from SnapLogic, which found 52 per cent of executives are not sure how their IT department will gather data and integrate it with their current solutions. Meanwhile, a third of respondents said they would look to leverage new technologies to manage their growing information demands, while 15 per cent would look to existing ETL/ELT tools.

However, despite a great deal of uncertainty about how to proceed, the need to embrace big data solutions is widely recognised. More than half of respondents said they would look towards analytics to improve their customer interactions, while four out of ten are aiming to boost their operational processes and 38 per cent expect to develop data-driven products and get on board with the Internet of Things.

Darren Cunningham, vice-president of marketing at SnapLogic, said: "Our survey shows there's a good bit of indecision right now when it comes to big data plans and technologies. At the same time, the results show strong interest for using big data to achieve business goals, using integration data sets to quickly understand a customer's changing needs."

Another area that still lacks clarity is Hadoop, with many companies unsure of how best to add this technology to their big data landscape. Almost four-fifths of companies said they were unsure of which distribution they will use, while 81 per cent do not know which tools they will adopt within this.

The biggest barrier to successful big data analytics deployments is a lack of skills and resources, which was named by 42 per cent of executives. This placed it ahead of compliance and security requirements (41 per cent) and fragmented data (34 per cent).