Cloud computing ‘becoming more widely trusted by businesses’

Cloud computing is becoming seen as an increasingly viable means of delivering critical business applications, according to a new industry survey.

North Bridge Venture Partners has announced the results of its second annual Future of Cloud Computing Survey, revealing that 50 per cent of the 785 industry experts, users and vendors polled would trust cloud solutions to support essential functions.

The key reason for rising cloud adoption remains scalability, which was named as a leading driver of cloud adoption by 57 per cent of organizations polled, with business agility running close behind.

Software-as-a-service remains the primary type of cloud investment being made, a trend that is likely to continue for the next half-decade, though platform-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service models are also likely to see major growth in this timeframe.

It was also shown that big data analytics are becoming a growing priority for businesses as a result of these trends, as big data was identified as the sector most likely to be disrupted by the advent of cloud computing by 80 per cent of survey respondents.

Michael Skok, a partner at North Bridge Venture Partners, said: "While agility and scalability continue to be primary drivers for cloud adoption, IT decision-makers are beginning to trust the cloud with more mission-critical applications like ecommerce.

"Furthermore, the identification of cloud formations around the hottest business trends including big data and analytics by both vendors and IT decision-makers alike highlights new opportunities for cloud."

Earlier this month, research published by Gartner revealed that organizations in the US are currently adopting cloud solutions at a faster rate than their European counterparts.

The analyst suggested that this is due to stricter privacy rules and variations in operational processes between the different European nations, as well as the well-documented economic problems in the region.