Digital Summit talk to detail ‘game-changing’ data use

The impact that the vastly increasing amount of data has had on the market and how businesses will have to adapt their operations to this will be the topic of a talk by Kognitio set to be held at this week's Digital Summit.

Vice-president of propositions at the firm Nigel Sanctuary will be explaining to attendees how vital it is for companies to stop drowning in data and instead come up with solutions that can leverage this to create useful insight, in particular to improve digital marketing and customer relations.

Mr Sanctuary said: “We're saying that once they've collected it, they need to organize it and find out which parts of it are useful. You could find that up to 40 percent of data has absolutely no use whatsoever, in terms of the job you're trying to do.”

Therefore, being able to understand what will be valuable to a firm is essential, but this is often where many companies are failing at the moment. Even once organizations have identified what will be useful, this leaves them with a very large amount of data, while there and many steps involved in converting into valuable insight.

At his talk, which will occur at the Digital Summit, taking place on May 14th and 15th in Atlanta, Georgia, Mr Sanctuary will show how digital marketers can keep up with this rapidly-evolving environment. One of the key messages is that by using solutions such as Kognitio's analytical platform, businesses can simplify this problem and deal with what are at the moment very uncoordinated solutions to data analytics difficulties.

“We're trying to help people to understand that we see those challenges and solutions such as the massively parallel processing for analytical applications are designed to help cope with that and manage the type of volume and complexity they're dealing with,” Mr Sanctuary said.

The talk will include a case study of a Fortune 500 company that shows how Kognitio has been able to help track customer behavior online and use this to provide guidance on how its website should be configured to make interactions with the firms easier.

This will illustrate how Kognitio's solutions collect data and process it to come up with informed insight businesses can use to improve the shape and patterns of their operations.

Mr Sanctuary will also explain some of the challenges surrounding the collection and management of big data, an issue that has come to the forefront of many enterprises' thoughts in recent years.

“There has been a huge increase in the volume of data that needs analyzing and the market isn't really in a position to cope with it,” he said. “It started to cope with it using Hadoop because that's all about being able to bring large volumes of hardware to bear, but it is a manual solution.”

He added that some firms believe that because they have Hadoop technology in place, this will solve their issues, but this is not necessarily true. Mr Sanctuary said Hadoop should not be seen as a 'silver bullet', as it still requires a large amount of effort to make it work effectively.

“We're not saying Hadoop is wrong, it's just not really designed for making intelligent decisions about consumers in the digital marketing environment,” he said.