Don’t be afraid of Big Data

Unless you live in a barn it is unlikely that you haven’t heard about “Big Data”. The term has been hyped to the degree that a lot of people I meet think it is something to be afraid off; as if it is a new phenomenon that only university mathlete’s could possibly understand.

Fortunately the truth is far from this perception. Certainly for very complex processing of big data new skills are required, but these can be grown on existing skills, complementing them. You most likely have database administrators dealing with large data today – the concepts are similar, just a different scale. Tools and technology exist to empower business users to explore and mine data without having to learn to program… and if you want to exploit and benefit from complex data analytics on large or big data there are companies offering data analytics as a service (will this become DAaaS?) such as Kognitio.

Big Data is here, its not scary, embrace it.

Russell Gee
Senior Consultant