Hadoop and BI – connecting your business

A key challenge for many firms at the moment will be how they seek to connect the advanced capabilities of their IT department with the real-world needs of their business.

In particular, this will involve ensuring that new technology solutions such as Hadoop are able to integrate effectively with existing business intelligence (BI) solutions. It will be vital for companies to focus on this as the concept of big data becomes more commonplace and transforms into just data.

How organizations cope with this huge increase in information will be the topic of a talk to be hosted by Kognitio's vice-president of marketing and development Michael Hiskey at this week's Hadoop Summit in San Jose, California.

His speech will be part of the 'lightning talk' community showcase section of the event, where the speakers have been voted on by members of the Hadoop community, therefore reflecting the issues most people attendees want to find out more about.

Mr Hiskey's talk will highlight how traditional data warehousing operations are dying in this new era, as they are unable to cope with the latest ways of managing and interpreting information. More connected users will place greater demands on companies' systems and analytics operations with high latency and long I/O delays will be both frustrating to individuals and a barrier to productivity.

Therefore, having solutions such as Hadoop will be a key strategy for many of these firms. Mr Hiskey describes this as the point where "the rubber meets the road", as it straddles the IT department and business units to connect mature BI solutions with the day-to-day needs of the company.

As a result of this, it is vital that IT takes up a more central role in the organization in order to make sure these innovations are implemented effectively. The current time is a period of great upheaval and transformation for many firms and IT cannot afford to be sat in the back-office simply performing maintenance to ensure systems work.

Instead, they need to be front and center, providing the innovations needed to unlock the full potential of solutions such as Hadoop.

Mr Hiskey will highlight how this graduation of IT data analytics projects from the data science lab to an essential part of business as usual is a key concept that firms will have to embrace if they are to make the most of the technology that is available to them.

Getting this right should be a top priority for the next 18 months, Mr Hiskey believes. And what this means in real-terms is organizations will need to make sure all personnel – from data scientists to business users – are able to use it without reinventing the way they interact will their current reporting and analytics tools.

This means interactive analysis and close integration with existing tools, as well as massively parallel code execution. And all solutions need to be closely aligned with Hadoop.

Mr Hiskey is not the only Kognitio representative speaking at the Hadoop Summit this week. Attendees should also be sure not to miss chief innovation officer Paul Groom's talk on how businesses can use the latest technology to tame the 'Wild West' that is the current Hadoop landscape.