‘Half of firms’ to use cloud BI by 2014

A growing number of firms are set to turn to cloud-based solutions in order to manage their business intelligence processes over the course of the next two years, it has been stated.

Research conducted by Dresner Advisory Services suggested that by the end of 2014, more than half of organizations will have adopted cloud computing solutions for the management of their business intelligence tools, Datamation reports.

The firm's Howard Dresner told the publication he was surprised by the continued interest in cloud-based business intelligence. He said: “I had thought interest in cloud had gone sideways this year, but it actually increased.”

Around three-quarters of firms surveyed by Dresner Advisory Services acknowledged that cloud-based solutions were important to their organizations, with 20 percent describing it as very important and one in six rating the innovations as critical to their success.

This is up from ten percent who stated cloud-based business intelligence was critical when the same survey was conducted a year ago.

Hybrid clouds were found to be the most popular solutions businesses are looking at. It was found 27.6 percent of firms have already adopted this technology, while a further 9.3 percent expect to invest this year and 10.2 percent will get involved in 2014.

Mr Dresner explained a common theme in adoption of the technology will be businesses feeling they are not getting the results they need from their current legacy solutions.

He said: “Whenever there is a constituency underserved by IT, those departments will be among the first to seek out a cloud/Software-as-a-Service solution.”

Cost was also identified to be one of the key reasons for opting for cloud-based services. The payment models offered by these solutions mean many businesses can avoid a lot of the issues experienced by large companies that fail to train their employees properly in major new software upgrades.

The ease of deployment of these solutions is also another attractive feature that many organizations will consider when making the move to cloud-based business intelligence as opposed to on-premises alternatives.