Half of telcos implementing big data

The telecommunications sector is one industry that is increasingly making use of big data solutions, as a new survey has shown almost half of operators are now adopting this technology.

This is according to a study by Informa Telecoms and Media, which found 48 percent of companies stated this is an area they are investigating. Overall, it was revealed that generating new business models will be the main long-term drivers of their big data analytics operations, cited by 58 percent of respondents.

However, it was noted that this is not the only benefit that firms can expect to see through better use of data. Informa said that in the current era, the ability to closely analyze customer data will be a key positive.

The volume and variety of data generated through their customers' different touch points every day, including their own networks, will present a range of opportunities. In the short-term, there will be a range of internal challenges that the technology can help solve, such as improving data warehousing, boosting customer loyalty and overhauling customer experience management activities.

"It makes sense for operators to use big data to understand the key challenges and improve the customer experience," co-author of the research Julio Puschel said. "By using big data to optimize processes and improve quality of services, operators will already be building a platform to explore new business opportunities."

It was also revealed by the Informa Telecoms and Media research that almost three-quarters of current implementations are focused on specific business applications, rather than an overall end-to-end solution.

Mr Puschel said that while these plans, which have a tangible and defined goal, will help chief information officers secure the budget they need for big data projects, they should not take their eyes off more generalized tools.

This is because it is by building a broad platform that enterprises will be best able to optimize their investments and support future business needs.

The growing importance of big data to telcos was also illustrated by the amount they are set to spend on the solution. This year, these solutions account for around ten percent of total IT budgets, but this is set to rise to 23 percent in five years' time.