How will Kognitio on Hadoop work for you?

If you’ve just downloaded Kognitio on Hadoop, you’re probably wondering how the software will complement your existing BI tools, and support your fellow business users.

The next step is getting your technical team on board, so they can install it onto your existing infrastructure. The below facts and stats will give your engineers all the information they need to understand the vast benefits of using Kognitio.

Whilst using self-serve tools, chances are you’ve experienced speed and agility restrictions with high-user concurrency. SQL on Hadoop engines can vary widely in their ability to support concurrent BI workloads. In benchmarking analysis, Kognitio performs very highly against other leading engines.

Free to adopt Hadoop distro Support for high concurrency SQL coverage & maturity Performance Memory layer Comments
Kognitio Yes All High High Very high Pinned images Kognitio Analytical Platform ported to Hadoop
Hive Yes All Low Med Very Low No The metadata provider
Impala Yes CDH Low Med Med Block cache Not a YARN app
Hive LLAP Yes HDP Low Med Med Cache Need to warm up
Presto Yes All Low Low Low Some caching Not a YARN app. Lots of connectors
SparkSQL Yes All Low Med Low Inefficient images Go to App for analytics
BigSQL No All (with Hortonworks partnership) Med High Med No Spark, Hbase and IBM DB2
Drill Yes All Low Low Low No Federation layer

To support enterprise level self-service BI it is essential that SQL on Hadoop platforms can perform under mixed concurrent workloads. In its research, Bloor also highlighted Kognitio as an excellent supporter of this use case.

But did you know that multiple SQL on Hadoop technologies can easily be deployed by your data architect on the same cluster? This means you can adopt the best of breed technology for each job.

Bloor Research SQL on Hadoop Use Case Performance and Support

Source: Bloor Research. Use cases by performance and SQL support. Use cases include Hybrid Transactional and Analytic Processing (HTAP), a merger of the transactional look-ups and complex analytics, combined batch and real-time/streaming analytics (Lambda architectures), and machine learning.

With Kognitio, you can run ANSI standard SQL queries, whether they are hand-written or generated by your BI tool.

The best news? Kognitio is entirely scalable and flexible; you can slot it into the existing workflow to allow the wider business to make use of the data for analysis. Your data engineers can install Kognitio on Hadoop for and your business users directly, vastly powering the speed and agility of your BI.

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