Join Kognitio’s experts to learn MPP best practices

With many more organizations looking to overhaul their legacy business intelligence and data warehousing solutions, firms are increasingly investing in the latest technology to bring their big data analytics right up to date and aid their use of information to make decisions.

But how do companies know they are getting the most out of their solutions? The right data scientist skills to turn the wealth of information organizations may have into useful insight are in high demand and short supply, while training existing staff in the necessary areas can be a tricky and time-consuming process.

That's why Kognitio is looking to provide guidance to firms that are uncertain about how to take full advantage of their tools, through a series of informative videos and Q&A sessions with our team of experts.

The latest of these Q&A Classroom Workshop sessions is scheduled to take place this Thursday, February 20th, at 11am EST/8am PST, with a focus on external scripting for its unique Massively Parallel In-Memory Code Execution. Any professional interested in learning more about this and how it can transform their data analytics operations is welcome to attend the open session.

It will feature experts from the company's Kognitio Analytics Center of Excellence (KACE) team. These professionals are dedicated to finding new ways for businesses to exploit the capabilities of the latest analytics technologies and ensure that the solutions available are accessible to all Kognitio's users, so customers can apply them to their own specific requirements.

Thursday's classroom workshop will be led by the director of the KACE team and head data scientist at Kognitio Dr Sharon Kirkham. She and her team will be offering a range of technical solutions and examples of how to use external scripting as part of massively parallel processing (MPP) technology. The session will provide data professionals with an environment that can answer any queries they may have about these processes, free from any vague sales and marketing speak.

Massively Parallel In-Memory Code Execution is a solution that is totally unique to Kognitio and will play a key role in many business' advanced data analytics operations in the coming years. It provides users with the ability to run NoSQL – or indeed, any standard binary/programming language – in MPP fashion across Linux, all managed within Kognitio's SQL structure.

This allows users to streamline highly complex analytical processes and data science tasks via external scripting, while taking advantage of Kognitio's powerful in-memory computing technology to boost the performance of their queries.

As well as the Q&A sessions, there are several other resources available to help educate users on the capabilities of this technology. Materials currently online on the Kognitio User Forum include advice on programming with Python and R.

If you would like to register for this week's classroom workshop session, please click here to register. The virtual seminar is scheduled to last for two hours, which will ensure attendees can receive the in-depth, detailed answers to their queries, in order to improve their use of Kognitio's MPP solutions.