Kognitio 8 – faster, easier, more connected

Kognitio has this week announced the latest version of the Kognitio Analytical Platform, a key tool helping converge big data, in-memory analytics and cloud computing under a single solution.

Version 8 of the offering provides a range of enhancements that improve connectivity across a variety of standard programming languages, as well as a boost to the speed of the system. This means companies of all sizes will be able to perform in-depth analytics processes on very large data sets much faster than in the past, providing them with the answers they need to improve their business in a fraction of the time of other options.

It also provides connectivity with several other key technologies that enterprises need, such as Hadoop. Tight integration with Hadoop clusters will be hugely beneficial for customers as the technology is rapidly becoming an industry standard for managing the increasing amount of data.

Paul Groom, chief innovation officer at Kognitio, explained ahead of this week's Hadoop Summit that the application is particularly attractive to less sizable enterprises, many of which may struggle to handle the volume, variety and velocity of current business intelligence information. He said Hadoop allows them to gather this much more easily and lets them worry about sorting it out later, while also cutting costs.

Therefore, integration with this will be one of the key benefits of Kognitio Analytical Platform Version 8 for many organizations, but this is far from the only addition to the update.    

The solution offers NoSQL processing, with massively parallel processing (MPP) execution of any script or binary code, including R, Python and Java. As a result, these capabilities take Kognitio beyond the limitations of an MPP SQL database to a full MPP engine for any data analytics processes, with easy management for these often complex activities.

Chief technical officer at Kognitio Roger Gaskell said: "Kognitio now provides the full range of capabilities for firms, meaning they can use it to get the answers they need from relatively simple queries to the most complex set of analytics they can imagine."

He added this will be doubly important in the coming months and years as companies of all sizes recognize the importance of embracing big data and adopting crucial enabling technologies such as Hadoop.

Other key features of Kognitio's platform that will help businesses meet these challenges include high-speed data exports, super fast restarts and optional in-memory compression to ensure all operations can be conducted as smoothly and quickly as possible.

The enhancements to the platform have already been felt by firms conducting tests on the solution. Chris Shelmerdine, technical architect at a large retail customer loyalty management firm, said he has been "very encouraged" by the improvements in performance and new functionalities.

He added: "The new features in the Kognitio Analytical Platform will pave the way for us 
to provide unique and powerful capabilities to our end users. We are recommending all future new clients and proof of concepts are run on the new codebase with Kognitio v8 underpinning the application."