Need faster analytics on data held in MapR? Try Kognitio.

The MapR Hadoop distribution has unique benefits and extra capabilities that make it a desirable choice for many companies. Our new version of Kognitio, specifically for MapR, takes full advantage of MapR’s improved file system technology by accessing MapR POSIX APIs instead of HDFS API.

Kognitio’s SQL engine for MapR offers a real enterprise-level alternative to using Apache Hive or Drill on MapR. Kognito’s analytical platform allows you to give wider access to data held in MapR, allowing self-service analytics users to query data using their preferred BI/Analytics tools and for data scientists and data analysts to run complex, advanced analytics on MapR at ultra-fast speeds.

How to get started with Kognitio for MapR

Kognitio for MapR is available for anyone to try on their cluster right now. All you need is:

  • a working MapR cluster on which you have Admin rights (can create volumes and users)
  • sufficient storage space in MapR-FS to create Kognitio volumes
  • sufficient available memory in the cluster to run Kognitio and create memory images to query

Go to our Getting Started page to download Kognitio for MapR.

Just choose some nodes in your cluster to be Kognitio nodes, decide how much memory and MapR-FS storage space to use for Kognitio and follow the install guide documentation to get started. Make sure to follow that step-by-step guide and also perform the pre-requisites (e.g. install system libraries etc.).

SQL on MapR benchmarks

In the coming months we’ll be running some benchmarks of Kognitio on MapR vs Apache Hive & Apache Drill. If you’re interested in learning the outcome of those benchmarks, then click the button below to subscribe to our SQL on Hadoop emails.

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