Participate in the Kognitio Console beta test program

Kognitio Console is Kognitio’s client side management program for the Kognitio Analytical Platform. Some of its features are: It allows inspection of the metadata tree for schemas, tables, views, external scripts, users, connectors, sessions, queues, etc. It also gives an object view to each of these metadata objects, allowing their inspection and management. There are…

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Mar 02, 2017 | By Deborah Martin

So, we are now in an era where “Big Data” matters. We have oodles of choice when it comes to storing this data and a myriad of languages and tools to help us extract and report on that data. But what about monitoring. Do you know if you’ll run out of disk storage in the…

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The differences between KogScript running in Console and kogscript.exe

Feb 24, 2017 | By Michael Atkinson

KogScript is a general purpose programming language based on Lua. It may be run within Console, which acts as an integrated development environment for it, or run from the command line tool kogscript.exe. The KogScript running within Console and via kogscript.exe are compiled from the same source files and are identical with the following exceptions….

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How to generate an identity / auto_increment column in Kognitio

Feb 17, 2017 | By Michael Atkinson

Occasionally we would like the value of the primary key field to be created automatically every time a new record is inserted. That is we would like an auto-incrementable field in a table. What other databases do Other databases use a variety of syntax to do this. MySQL uses an AUTO_INCREMENT keyword, which is used…

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