Beginner tips for Kognitio scripting

Standard ANSI SQL, whilst a great language for database querying, doesn’t allow for commonly used features like looping or extensive variable usage. There are variants which support some of this e.g. Transact-SQL but not on Kognitio until the introduction of Kognitio scripts. But 2 languages in one script? How does this work? Kognitio scripts (also…

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Getting the most from life

I am going to use Conway‘s Life to show off some of Kognitio’s features, including some which are new in version 8.1.50. Life is a well-known toy problem so I won’t explain it in great detail beyond defining it. The rules are simple yet they lead to surprising emergent properties including periodic sequences and even…

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Monitoring Kognitio from the Hadoop Resource Manager and HDFS Web UI

If you’ve already installed Kognitio on your Hadoop distribution of choice, or are about to, then you should be aware that Kognitio includes full YARN integration allowing Kognitio to share the Hadoop hardware infrastructure and resources with other Hadoop applications and services. Latest resoures for Kognitio on Hadoop: Download: Forum: Install guide: (including Hadoop pre-requisites…

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