Participate in the Kognitio Console beta test program

Kognitio Console is Kognitio’s client side management program for the Kognitio Analytical Platform.

Some of its features are:

  • It allows inspection of the metadata tree for schemas, tables, views, external scripts, users, connectors, sessions, queues, etc.
  • It also gives an object view to each of these metadata objects, allowing their inspection and management.
  • There are also lots of tools, wizards and widgets to browse data in Hadoop, load and unload data, identify problem queries and many more.
  • There are also a set of reports and dashboards to monitor the state of Kognitio systems.
  • Macros may be written to extend Kognitio Console, the reports and dashboards are written in these XML macros.
  • Ad-Hoc queries may be executed.
  • KogScripts may be executed and debugged. KogScript is based on Lua but has Kognitio specific enhancements to run SQL natively.
  • It is an integrated development environment (IDE) for KogScripts, and external scripts running in Kognitio.

All this makes Kognitio Console a versatile tool, suitable for database admins, analysts and power users.

Kognitio Console is in constant development, beta and release candidate versions are provided from our update website. Beta and release candidates will be announced on the Kognitio Console forums

There are two ways of obtaining these betas:

Note that this is beta software, so has not gone through a full QA. However, we endeavour to make sure it has no obvious bugs and it will have passed our Console smoke tests. If you experience crashes or other bugs or deficiencies in these beta and release candidates, please report them to us, this will help us make the next release more stable.

By installing it into a different location than the default, you can have both this and the last stable releases installed at the same time.

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