Public Cloud IaaS eclipses true private cloud adoption

Public Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) technology implementations are over three times the size of private cloud adoption in the industry, a new study has indicated. 

According to Wikibon, IT organisations are aligning themselves into a position of limited value, as many companies are aiming to introduce technology modernisation initiatives. 

The group found that the overall market size of True Private Cloud implementations is $7 billion (£5 billion), which is significantly lower than the $25 billion value of the Public Cloud market in 2015. 

By 2009-2011, more companies moved towards the hybrid cloud in order to alleviate pressure about losing control over the Public Cloud. This shift in focus led to businesses having simpler access to cloud computing resources. 

Wikibon’s report also indicated that cloud skills are in high demand at the moment, but application skills are seen as being even more important. It was found that companies are now looking to make investments in order to ensure their private cloud environments are closely linked with the public cloud. 

In the report, Wikibon explained: “The upside to the future of Private Cloud environments is the demand and compensation levels for Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) skills. 

“Not only do PaaS platforms (structured or unstructured) hide some of the underlying IaaS complexity that has held back Private Cloud to-date, but it is much more focused on application-level value back to the business.”

The group explained that the cloud is delivering services in order to simplify application development, application deployments and application usage, with PaaS more appropriate to those business demands. 

The cloud has become increasingly popular in recent years as more businesses understand the limitations of offline storage and aim to improve the security of their data. 

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