Skilled personnel and solutions needed for big data era

Businesses around the world will need to make sure they have the right technology tools to make the most of big data, but it is also essential they have the right personnel with the skills to take full advantage of this.

This is according to The National, which highlighted figures from International Data Corporation that predict a fifth of business' IT budgets will be spent on big data analytics solutions this year.

It also forecast the amount of digital information in the world will grow to 40 trillion gigabytes by 2020, so it will be vital for organizations to have facilities in place to interpret this and draw out useful insight.

Noelle Sio, a senior data analyst at Pivotal, told the publication that dealing with this volume of data can be a strain for even non-human operators – particularly if companies are still using technology that has not been designed with these activities in mind.

"If you consume and generate that much data, things will break. Being able to find the capacity to deal with it is how big data is defined," she said.

As a result of this, many organizations are not making the most of the information they have. Instead, it was observed they prefer to keep it stored in data warehouses rather than looking to mine it for useful insight.

To improve this, it is important that firms have not only the right technology data analytics tools, but personnel that are trained in how to extract information from them.

Ms Sio said it will be essential that companies are educated on the role of data scientists and understand the value they can bring to their company in the rapidly-changing environment.

She added: "There has been a lot of innovation in recent years. When you look at the internet industry, no one has ever generated that much data, so we had to make tools and make them useful."

It was also noted that when it comes to training skilled professionals, the US is leading the way, as several universities have begun programs focusing on big data to meet the estimated need for an extra 500,000 big data-related jobs in the next five years.